Customer Satisfaction

I am home today thanks to a customer that was worried about the high winds and possible rain in our area. I tried explaing how rain wouldn’t cause an issue and I could come back for a touchup if needed but they were leaving on an out of state trip and I could tell they weren’t comfortable. I decided it would be a good idea to reschedule. I gave them that option and they were exstatic. By the way they had already written the check so it wasn’t a money issue.
This got me to thinking about things like reputation and your bottom line. I didn’t improve my bottom line today but I’m sure it will improve my reputation which will improve my bottom line in the future. If we are perceived by our customer base as reasonable and willing to listen it’s a powerful tool to increasing our companies profitability and that’s just one more area of customer satisfaction.

Were they more concerned about the rain affecting the clean glass, or for your safety on a ladder in the high winds?

I hate cleaning in a rain that is heavy enough to keep the window wet as I am doing them. I can’t tell how clean they are and in turn, could leave something behind that screws everything up. Because once they see one thing, they look for more.

I only work in very light rain

Today I left the house and it was raining. By the time I got to the job it was spitting. Told the customer that I’d start the inside first and see if the weather cleared up. Well it held up until 20 mins after I finished the entire job. Then it poured for a half hour. Pheeeeew!

I hate the idea of rescheduling on account of weather but I guess you gotta be flexible. Be sure to get a date right there. Not one of these “oh, we’ll call you next week when we can think of a good date”.

I hate rescheduling in the Spring, as it gets booked as it is.

But, I would rather reschedule than re-do

I also just work in light rain if it’s raining hard and lighting with wind. I sure don’t mind rescheduling. I always get a date from from them.

They were concerned about my safety. I understood their reasons but still hate to reschedule escpecially since it didn’t rain.:frowning:

This year I think in Jersey we were pretty lucky with the rain. Today was a bitch, rain came down like cats and dogs. I had to reschedule also. Which really sucked cause I’m booked for the next two weeks and who the hell knows what the weather will be like then. It’s strange in Jersey. We can have sunny skies over the next two weeks, wake up one morning and winter is here to stay. I give my customers 1 reschedule and it states it in the estimate form. But being my company is new, I have to take certain things into account but most important is building a very strong repete customer base. One way for me to help that along is to be as flexible, personal and understanding as I can for them. 50% of my customers are over 60 and have last minute visits to the doctor or hospital. They are very friendly, very refering and I can honestly say I feel like they care about my well being along with the success of my business. Most of them have at least 10 years left in them and I want those 10 years. But at this point I can go 2,3 and there have been 4 days with no work. So it’s not an issue to let them reschedule (other then the next couple of weeks). The good thing about these next two weeks, is it woke me up to the realization that if I want to keep the customer, I’m going to have to figure something out. I know there is going to come a time where not being able to reschedule them means I’m going to lose them.

That’s when that solid relationship you formed will kick-in so that they work with you.

That’s what I’m figuring, but I worry that in their old age they start telling BS stories about the reschedule at the bingo table. BTW anyone ever play BINGO? Fun game.

While it’s probably true that a negative experience travels quicker and farther than a positive, ensure that they believe you are doing all you can for them. In this way, the relationship far outweighs a reschedule discussion/event.

All of those things that we think are “little” extras are usually bigger extras in the eyes of the customer. Wiping a ledge of a high window, changing a light bulb in a high reach area, wearing protective shoe covers while you are in their home working. All of these “little” extras are big hits with homeowners. Think 3 steps ahead and you’ll be 3 steps ahead of your competition.


I [I][B]try[/B][/I] to keep a “will call” list of people who will let me move them up if something like that happens. I always ask when I schedule, “do you mind me coming earlier if I have a cancellation?”

If they agree then I have a few backups ready. It doesn’t always work but it has come in very handy at times.

Thats good advice. We have to scramble some times when customers want to reschedule at the last minute.


I call it dial for dollars!!