Customer ( X- now) "Punished" me

WOW ! Just WOW ! This is a first for me. We do alot of route work. I bill qtly. A restaurant we do Bi-weekly was past due by about 8 weeks ( for 4QT 2019 ). I sent about two or three past due notices.
He always paid so knew we would get the money.

Well, my guy that’s on route asked him about getting caught up ( $) this week as he did a couple weeks ago. He finally wrote the check and admitted that he held it up on purpose as " Punishment " for last year when I accidentally sent a second notice when he had already paid the bill ( honest slip up that happens ). Yes he said " As Punishment ". And he said, " Be sure to tell Jeff that ". It was all I could do to not go there immediately and confront the little coward face to face. Man I was mad.

Now…it was only about $125.00 but after he told me this I think it was the maddest I have been in a long time with business issues. For so many reasons ! We have even used his place for our annual Christmas Family Dinner the last two years.

Needless to say we will not be doing any more work for them and I will be preparing a final bill.


I imagine you paid him right away when you used his services. And I’m guessing you spent more than $125. Let us know when he calls you back!


Yes it was more than $125.00 and YES he was paid COD. Good Point !


Yup, good luck punishing your new window cleaner lol


Sounds like the guy might have bipolar or something. Whatever his issue, he isn’t managing it well. That definitely wasn’t a mature, balanced response you’d hope to get from another business owner. You’re wise to cut him loose


It sounds to me like he is deflecting. It’s more likely that his business is not doing well and he couldn’t afford to pay.

I find that business owners become like cornered animals when things are going bad, they lash out at everyone and everything. I doubt that payment was held back for anything you did Jeff. He is just using it as an excuse because he is in a bad place financially.

But, I agree that you should fire him.


I think @Infinity had some good insight on this. His reasoning was not that of a healthy functioning adult.

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Hit the road jack, some customers are worth firing

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I have to agree with the above posters…there might just be something mentally wrong. It is not uncommon. You could have caught him on the wrong day, it does happen unfortunately.

But that is not good behavior. Couldn’t he have contacted you…instead of “punish” you?

Total D Bag ! After he pays his final bill , send him a notice

I’ve swallowed my pride on many occasion when dealing with unbalanced, egotistical, inappropriate customers. Firing customers always costs YOU something… a customer. Don’t let his mental illness affect your mind or money. Good luck.

If a customer is negatively affecting you or your business, why would you want to keep them? I have only ever been happy when I fired trouble customers.
It frees up time to canvass go get nice customers to take their place.


Agreed with Dan. Anyone who intentionally withholds payment is a liability, not an asset. Not all customers are created equal. And in a service business that is as time-intensive as ours, it makes little sense to hang onto problem customers.

Not to mention, the very personal, emotional nature of our services. If you dread going to a particular job or dealing with a certain customer, your attitude, productivity, and attention to detail will all naturally suffer. And if you have employees, bad jobs/customers could do even more damage to the morale of the team, since they are unlikely to have the same big-picture perspective as you, the owner.