Customers windows

Being a new kid on the block I still get a kick out of how some people react to you seeing if they need help cleaning their windows. I am not going up to potential customers who have clean glass or anything. I am talking about the glass you can tell is all kinds of dirty while driving down the road and makes you turn around to drop a business card off for them. But when you do that 9 times out of ten they say they have their guys for that. Maybe I am mistaken with your dirty windows and how your people are doing them in house, but, man I can see that from the road :frowning: Sorry… Small Monday rand

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Yes the ol we have the guys do it come back. I say in a nice way oh great if you ever need us down the line please give us a call. Then over the next few weeks I make sure they keep seeing me ( what ever store they are stop in and grab a soda or something) and smile and great them like you’ve known them for years. This will make them want to give you business.

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Sometimes it is their “go to” response in order to end the conversation. Probably not your customer base anyway as they will drop you for a Bucket Bob who undercuts you by 50% or more.


What’s fun to do is when there is a dirty storefront next to yours “accidentally” wash one window too far over. Then they see how dirty their windows are.


Right up my alley. Thanks. Ugh, hope I’m writing on the box here


I have an auto parts store (national chain, no less) with the absolute horrible windows. Guarantee it has been well over a year since they have been touched. Every time I go in there to buy something I give the mgr a card and get the brush off. I am thinking about writing my quote on his filthy windows using my finger.



I picked up 3 stops (chain store) with the “Oops sorry i cleaned your window.” at one of their locations.

Sometimes the weirdest things put customers into the rotation.

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I will have to keep that trick in mind. I got a salon with a tattoo shop next store that didn’t want service the last time.

Actually, the ones with clean glass are the ones you want to talk to. They pay to have them done.

The ones with dirty windows? They don’t care. Why try to make them?


And the clean but neglected for a little while ones. Those guys dropped the ball go pick it up. The filthy ones will agree to get them cleaned and never let you again. Work is work, but get the money for those really dirty ones the first clean!

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The clean ones that I have noticed are spotless and so are the edges that’s why I don’t try for those. The only response I have gotten from those accounts are that they already have someone, they are happy, and no. That’s why I been hunting the more rugged ones

I do mostly residential and find that most of my repeat customers are folks whose
windows have been maintained, at least somewhat regularly before. Those with ugly, trashed, not cleaned in years, tend not to repeat service, even after I have made them look beeeuuteeeful…


That’s good, they already have someone.

That means they are loyal. Don’t let that stop you tho. Because that is
your target demographic.

I’ve lost clients I’ve had for years to other outfits and I never knew why.

Ones I never thought I’d lose, I got to know families etc. Still lost them
(a handful).

Something made them drop me, and I know it couldn’t be price. Eventually
I’ll know, because that’s a priority right now,. But my point is that
those are the ones you need to gun for.

The trick is to figure out what makes you the better choice.

Same as someone found a way to appeal to my residential clients that
must’ve capitalized a weakness in a way that made them pull the trigger.

An outfit in my area is very inexpensive. Residential outfit. They do 5 to
15 homes a day. Over the years during busy season I’ll get 5 or 6 of his
clients to schedule with me and outright drop him because he is horrible
when it comes to communication.

If he’s gonna be late, no call. Sometimes he won’t show up and completely
forget about them and never return their call.

My prices are nearly triple what his are and they don’t even flinch.

Know your target, know your competitors, REALLY know them.

Don’t talk smack, just make your outfit what your client needs.

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I have been getting some bites off the clean ones just for that fact that the previous guy was doing just that, bad communication. I will still try. Heck, it’s worth the conversation sometimes.

90% of my customer base came from direct solicitation. Keep it up.

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