Cutting SS channels...what do you use?

I only have one hacksaw blade, and it won’t put a scratch on my SS Ettore channels. Either need the right blade, or grab a few aluminum or brass channels to cut down for smaller panes and dog earing.


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Harbor freight cut saw 19.99 with coupon. Easy to use and cuts right through the channels. SS sparks like a fiend tho so don’t cut near gas cans.


I got cut off saw at harbor freight too, for 24.99 during a parking lot sale. takes Itty Bitty 5 inch cut off wheels. I’d post it up if my upload would work from my PC. WTF! where did my upload button go?

@wcs helped me out…


We’ve always used a hacksaw. You need a new blade.

I always cut my channels down on site. Do you guys have electric cut offs that you bring with you?


Chop box :+1:

My saw stays in the truck. On residential I’m always trying to upsell screen repair/replacements. That saw makes a perfect straight, square cut every time.

Is that electric?

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Yes the one from Harbor freight is electric