Cutting Water Supply to Hydrotube

We’ve been using the hydrotube for a few weeks now and absolutely love it. Is it worth it to try and ‘conserve’ water and extend filter life by cutting the flow through the pole?

For example, you can pop the quick connect, or kink the hose and the water stops flowing through the pole. I noticed that the waste water continues to flow even though water has been cut through the pole.

When the pure water output is cutoff, does this stop water from flowing through the filters?

I wouldn’t think it would make a difference if the waste water is still coming out. The waste water is still pure water, am I wrong?

If you stop the flow of pure water to the pole by either kinking the hose or turning a valve on the pole you will only stop the flow of water to the pole. Water is still being fed through the system so yes, you will continue to have waste water leaving the unit.

The waste water will not be pure water at all, it is still just bypass water from the RO.

Hope this helps

If there is waste water, then water is still flowing through the filters.

The reason for my question is because we may stop for a few minutes and I was hoping to conserve filter life. (We’ve got pretty high TDS here in Texas and i was looking for ways to extend filter life between windows. )

The only way to do this would be to stop the water from entering the system at the input connection right? The aqua adapter pretty much does the same thing as kinking the hose?

If your outlet is blocked, but there is waste water coming out (normal), that means water is flowing “past” the RO membrane within the cartridge, but not through it. You will be wearing your carbon filter out just like normal, but since no water is actually flowing through the RO membrane or DI, their lives will be extended. I have an EZ Pure, but the plumbing of your Hydrotube should be the same, since these systems only really work one way.

Just noticed Alex called it “bypass” water. Exactly.

Since we are talking Hydrotube, we’ve been using ours since March and I’m now noticing the TDS numbers are climbing. Which filter needs to be replaced first?

For the WFP pro’s, what’s the highest TDS you go till before you change filters? Last week we were on a job with bad well water and couldn’t get it lower than 7. The windows came out ok, but I did notice spotting.

Hey Andrew, you should go ahead and order your filter set (carbon and di cartridges) before your water quality gets any worse. You don’t want to get spotting mid job and need the filters rushed. The highest you should let your tds get is 15 MAX. You can get them for only $88.00.

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Thanks Alex.