Cuz I like making PC fliers so much...Here's one I just came up with for GlassRenu!

After getting pumped from my visit to Cody and Cole, here’s a lil’ sumthin I put together for those GlassRenu users out there!

They shared a lot of good ideas to boost your business. “Pet Scratch Saturdays”, here I come!

…again, the “VuRenu, PDX” is a watermark.

Nice job

Thats cool… Who are you going to mail this out to? What type of list…

All on my existing resi’s and property managers. Suggestions?

im about a senior in the advertising program at my university, and if im critiquing off of what i have learned from the design classes ive taken, it is this…

Alignment. You must adhere to more alignment discipline. (text side). You start with CENTERED text. Then you have an image with left side text alignment (the bulleted text) next to it, then centered text below that. Then jump over to the right side, youve got a header with centered alignment, with Vurenu left aligned hanging to the side of it. Below that left side text alignment, then centered, then far left alignment.

Font. I see what looks like about 5 fonts? You want to establish continuity within your image. Would suggest using 3 fonts or less. The script style, the italic, the bold, the non decorated font, the all caps, some caps, no caps… You font and alignment should lead the reader through the ad easily.

If i were to change that design up i would
-take away the decorated script style text for anything other than spoken statements if at all (dont replace, restore!)
-if using centered alignment, make it consistent and encasing the non centered information. Move the vertical line down from the top and have VuRenu Quality Cleaning Service across the top entirely.
—begin the splitting of the left and right by headings that direct the reader to each column of the ad.
—center the dog scratching image to the dead center of the image, then on the left and right sides, have the bulleted points text wrap around that image. the left bulleted info would begin before the dog image, and wrap around it with the info, then the right side bulleted info would be right side alignment. You may also find that doing block alignment spreads it out in to a nice boxed middle of the flyer, so all the info is there, it spreads it out, and you dont have a bunch of ORPHANS, which are those bulleted points where you have one straggling word make up a new line.
-then at the bottom bring it back together with centered alignment running across the entire width of the flyer (not in each column) pointing out the non specific (bulleted) points such as “Free estimates - All services are guaranteed - Serving the Greater portland area” then below that your contact information in a couple of lines, spread out to the same width, just below the “free est - all serv guar - serving” line.
-You may also choose to change the VuRenu text to a color that is in the dog at the door image, i personally like the bright green from the trees outside. The orange works decently, as its close to the wood tone, but what your message should be conveying is the ability to SEE OUTSIDE WITH CLEAN WINDOWS, which, the green tree is outside, and subconsciously ascribes that outward viewing to the word VuRenu when you use that color.