D-Limonene and Plastic Abrasives

Hi Guys,

Lets play! Ask the WCR for some samples of a couple of new products I would like you to try out. They don’t have a name as of yet. Thats how new they are. One is a product based on 93% d-Limonene (The Green Terpene). I have featured it in my latest VGD Product Development Review. The other is a replacement for 0000 steel wool. A plastic grit/powder softer than glass (and softer than steel wool), that is twice as effective but won’t rust. I am currently working on different ways to apply it. Have been thinking about functionalyzing the particles and creating a colloid. If you want updates just subsrcibe to my VGD PDR. If you want really quick snips of stuff I am doing go to my blog and put your email in the box to the right Follow By Email. I am working on my own videos too which will take the place of the vids now posted at the top of the blog.

I don’t understand more than half of what you write, but I’m glad your in our industry

Hi Andy,

The d-Limonene is a natural liquid solvent for softening paint and silicone caulk. The plastic abrasive is a scouring powder made from plastic. It won’t rust or scratch glass. When you mix the two together you get a “new product”. I will put some of the solvent on first, let it soak in, then put some of the scouring grit on a paper towel and rub. The plastic grit eats through old water based paint twice as fast as 0000 steel wool.

I am working with a close friend cleaning windows. He is very quick to tell me to pack it up when my ideas aren’t practical. He will keep me in line as I develop products for the WCR.

Thanx much for your come back.

Henry, I need to be able to remove silicon with a pole upwards of 35 - 40 ft high. I have two houses that are set in terrain where ladders and lifts are impossible. I will elevate you to prophet if you can pull this off!

I would love to try out your new products on a CCU that looks like the installers bathed in silicon before putting in the glass. This may be a stupid question, but how exactly do we “ask WCR for some samples”? Keep up the innovation. As someone said above, we’re glad you’re in our industry.

I would venture that you can email [email protected] and ask him to throw some in with your next supply order. [MENTION=4]Alex[/MENTION]?

I have an update on Henry’s d-Limonene and Plastee Grit.
Alex L. very kindly provided me with a sample of each and I got to try them out on a newly installed window yesterday. They are amazing! You just mix a tiny amount of each 1:1 and apply it with a damp microfiber. They cut through silicone really quickly with minimum rubbing and, unlike all the other products I tried, they don’t smear at all. Even clean up was a breeze. I was expecting to have to wash the window again after using the DL and PG, but I discovered that I could just buff the glass out with a dry microfiber. I am totally stoked - I wouldn’t be without DL and PG in my truck now. If you do any CCU at all, then you need this stuff!
Great job Henry! You have a winner IMHO. And thanks to Alex for the samples!

We used Stone Pro and 0000 brass wool.