Daily rental fee for WFP

Loaned it out for free plenty of times. Buddy offered to rent it. What’s fair?

@DaveYogi I would think renting it would make it a part of your business, so you would have to track it, etc. Rental is fair I think, but so is free to someone you trust. I think it depends on the relationship with the people in your area. I would not deal with the hassle of renting, but I think its fair.

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Photo copy of drivers license, and valid bank card or credit card, take a deposit of 50$ and charge by the day from x time to xtime. If not returned by x time its another day. Charge the card when not on time.
If they’re homies, you can’t charge. If they don’t take care of their own stuff just say no, or have em sub to you when you have time.

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He used it and returned it.

Free is the right way to go for now. 1st time and I go back to 1998 cleaning with him.