Dam Alex if I would have known

You were into the Misfits. I would have introduced you to Graves. AKA Emanuel. But I’m sure you know that. He lived with my brother for a few years. Man his old lady is hot as hell. Well she was, I don’t know if they are still together. Nice guy. Not sure if you are into him or not. Not too smart, but hey not many rockers are. Last I saw him he was hitting up Japan and was broke as they come. Could never pay rent and smoked all my bros weed then ate all his food. His dog, at the time **** all over the place. My bro could not take it anymore and booted him quick. They still keep in contact and we both get invited to shows that never seem to happen. One thing is for sure, he hated, I mean really hated the misfits. His story. “I was young and stupid. I signed a contract that took everything I did for that band and I had no control over any of it and saw no money. Do you know what it’s like to tour with a band where the leader stays in a penthouse and the rest of the band has to live on the bus?” My comment “No. I’ve never been in a band.” lol He has a huge following in Japan. My brother told him to sell some of his band crap from the misfits on ebay and pay some rent. They guy kept all that crap in the garage and would never part with it. My bro asked him one night, if you hate the band so much, why keep the ****? Just sell it to the japs and make some cash, then you can buy your own bud and pay some f-ing rent. lol Ah the good old days. I have no heard from him in about a year, but I’m sure I will he is one of those guys that just never seems to go away lol.

Thats some funny stuff Ray. Graves was young as hell when he was with the Misfits. And I have heard he was kind of a tool.

I’m more a fan of the “old” (70’s 80’s) Misfits. But I dig their newer stuff as well. Graves has an awesome voice. I would love to meet him some time.

Man my life is so strange. Get this. I talk to my bro about 1 hour ago and he brings this F-ING GUY UP. lol. I told him I just posted about him last night. Well he told me the guy is playing this weekend by me and if I wanted to go see him to give him a call. Who knows maybe I’ll head over and say hi.
Yeah he is a little wacky, but everyone always seems to wonder why that band broke up and it always seems to stem around BS that Mike walked off stage on Halloween during one of their shows. But that’s not really what happened. Many people don’t know what took place behind the scenes a couple of days before that show. Could you imaging being in a band and then being told about 15 mins before you go on stage that You and another guy are getting the boot cause you both want to play the new songs. Fact is during that show, the 1st guy who was told he was getting booted walked off mid-song. Mike walked off after the song cause everyone else did. Anyway it’s old news and they have all moved on. I will say this, though. I have met Jerry and drank many beers with him. He is a total dickhead. Nice sometimes, but if things don’t seem to go his way he turns into a little bitch. I have been with him and seen him get so upset over stupid little crap and then storm out of the house like a 5 year old. If I had my choice of partying with either one, I would take Mike over Jerry any day. Mike was all about the music. So much so he never could understand Jerry’s point about making money to keep the band rolling. But hey like I said, it’s all water under the bridge.

Isn’t the Misfits without Danzig kinda like Giuffria without Greg Giuffria?
I mean, what’s the point?

The funny thing is I don’t even listen to the music. It’s not for me. Just ran into the guy when he lived with my bro. Which led me to met the rest of them and hang out mostly with Mike cause of where he lived. His new stuff is not that bad. I was listening last night.

Thats a crazy story Ray. I have heard a bunch of variations of that story. And I have heard a bunch of things about Jerry. I have a friend who is friends with Doyle, Jerry’s brother and ex misfit. He has made a few guitars for Doyle and hung out with the two quite a bit. He always says Doyle is the nicest guy in the world. Its funny seeing Jerry around town with his thick glasses and his hair pulled back wearing pajama pants with a sleeveless misfits shirt. I will say that he is cool to his fans.

On another note, I have heard some of Michael Graves’s new stuff and its not bad at all. The guy is talented.

Wasn’t he like 19 years old when he started singing with the Misfits?

Yup he was just a wee little boy lol. I"m sure that screwed with his ego. Heck one day your 19 and the next few months your touring the world.

And no one can take that away from him. Pretty damn amazing. I’m sure he would do it again in a heartbeat. I would.