Dam mechanics

I hate it when a mechanic thinks you are stupid. Man I just got home a few minutes ago picking up my car. I have a 2001 Daewoo. Yeah I know. Anyway the car is great, never broke down with 80k miles on it. Never gave me one problem. Well the bearings are shot. I knew that it’s the bearings for two reasons.

  1. I had the same issue in another car
  2. a few other mechanics told me that was surly the problem.

Now it’s just bearings and I would have replaced them myself but according to the other mechanics they need to be installed with a press, or else the problem will return. Most cars can be done with a mallet but this has to be done with the press. Anyway, the car sat in the garage for the last year as I wanted the wife to get her license before I would let he drive it. She dragged ass. Anyway now she has the license. And here is the what this new mechanic told me this morning was wrong with the car. “You have rust on your rotors and that’s what the problem is. You need new rotors.” I freaked out cause I feel the guy was trying to scam me. Why? Simple. I had the breaks replaced two years ago and the rotors were cut. 1st time since the car was new so there should be plenty of meat left on the rotor. I told the guy “IT’S THE BEARINGS!!!” “Na not the bearings dude!!” I hit the roof “DONT CALL ME ****ING DUDE. I’M 40 YEARS OLD, MARRIED, OWN MY HOME AND BUSINESS!! IT’S MR GOT IT!!!”. “Sorry sir your rotors are shot. I’m telling you that’s what’s wrong!” I just went and picked up the car and he tried to push a $50 charge on me for looking at the car. I told him I was taking the car to another place and if they tell me it’s the rotors I’ll pay him. If it’s the bearings I’m contacting consumer affairs and the state lattorney general to report him for trying to scam people. He told me to keep the $50 lol. What a dickhead. RUST!!! Get the FFF out of here. RUST. Please…

You can take those bearings to a machine shop. They’ll have a press and will generally press them back in for you.

As for the rust, if the mechanic was telling the truth, it was probably just surface rust. Even a brand spankin new car on a car lot will have some rust on the rotors… not a big deal at all.

Oh Ray, you’re one of a kind man, that’s for sure. :smiley:

Try being a woman and dealing with a mechanic. That problem for me would have been “the engine needs to be replaced, and you need four new tires”!!
Damn Mechanincs!!!

I spit my water out reading that one Linda! lmao So true…so true.

I know a few mechanics and yes… they are all swindlers for sure. I knew a kid who worked for Honda and he and all the other mechanics had a REAL bad pair of brake pads for every model car they would service. They would bring them out to the customer and be like “see, you need brake pads”.