Damage from Alum. foil over skylights

I haven’t seen it first hand yet, but a customer just called for service saying her husband had taped aluminum foil over their skylights, and there is now a “haze” over the glass.

I’m thinking it could be something as simple as hard water from foil leeching onto the glass, but have never seen aluminum foil damage either.

Anyone ever had to deal with something like this?

I honestly have never heard of that, Chris. I’m curious to see if anyone else has.

Can’t the heat build up pop the seal or break the glass?

Apparently, some people cover their windows with foil to reflect the sunlight during the summer months. (Think cheap window tinting)

I’m guessing/hoping they put it on the inside of the skylight?

You may be dealing with some sort of iron or rust stain.

Sorry I’m not much help with cleanup advice… but a Citrus cleaner would be my best guess.

We have come across something similar, it was a retractable aluminum shade that went over a greenhouse. It was very close to the glass but not it contact with it. We used CC550*, it came out looking fantastic.

*Please follow all saftey instructions. I’ve used it for 11 years with great success.

I imagine it’d be similar to the damage caused by screen burn from the old metal screens

most of the people I have met who use aluminum foil for protection wear it on their heads

Alien repellent. :smiley:

Government repellant… Don’t knock it til you try it lol

Bumblebee that is sweet people you know lol JfromtheD that answer was sweet too alien repellent lol haha had my good laugh.

This is true… my buddy who works stage here was given a partner and right away thought he was strange. Next thing you know the guy is wearing brass squeegee clips on his ears like ear rings. My buddy asked what he’s doing and the guy said it’s to keep the government out of his thoughts or something like that. That was it for him, down to the ground and got the boss to fire him.