Dead Cat

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On another forum (for CC’ing) someone dog killed a neighbors cat. The cat was in the dogs yard.

Not being a cat lover myself nor a cat hater, I had mixed feelings bout this.

I do some clients homes wherein the cat never comes out from under the bed. Many of those in fact.
But I HAD a client who had this cat that was just horrible. The cat would stalk me. Swat at my feet and tools.

I do not do their house anymore. I bought the cat some WC’ing tools and let him worry about it.

Any body else have ‘pet’ issues while doing the house? Or maybe a commercial client who keeps pets in the business?

besides a dog trying to hump me while I was detailing the bottom of a door at a residential, can’t say I have :eek:

You really need to keep your pants on…

Besides knowing which properties have backyard land mines, I have the occasional dog that likes to drink out of the bucket left near the front door.

I have one home – owners are both doctors; I have a key and alarm code, and rarely see them – with ~6 cats. It’s a rural setting, and one of the cats regularly brings in a mouse, or at least part of one. I can’t just leave it there… About a month ago, as I was wrapping things up, I saw that the MBR was filled with feathers. The cat turned its head toward me, and it looked like it had a beard, but made of feathers. Broke out the ProTeam…

I had to chase a Husky 5-6 blocks after opening a gate to get in the backyard. Opened the gate saw the dog and a second later he was running. After I caught him, his owner drives up to say " I forgot to tell you he is a runner", and “I guess I should have put him away before you guys got here”. You don’t say!!! Also had a filthy house with a litter box on top of counter, right below a window with about a weeks worth of turds in it. That is a wonderful experience. You would think people/customers would care about their pets a bit more. “I have people coming over to work on my place maybe I should clean up after them, or put them in a place inside the house where they can’t escape and get hit by a car.” Just a thought. By the way we owned a cat a few years ago that hated everybody that came into the house. He would chase my parents into the bathroom. He was a complete psycho.


I do this one house that in the kids room they have 4 or 5 birds flying around. They also liked to be in the window so when I was cleaning them(windows in dormers) the birds would keep flying in and trying to land on whatever they could like my head or the curtain rod. I kept messin up the windows in that room because It would startle me every time the birds flew toward the windows, cost me a couple of hucks.

Hey Larry, can you send me one of those cats next time I have to do this house?

Oh yeah, this other one the owner ran a towing co. and had two rotties. I got started and then the cust. had to leave. I was outside cleaning storms at this point, but the dogs were in and they didn’t know me from jack when I walked back in. I used the storms I was carrying as a shield and pushed my way towards the box of dog biscuits. I gave the dogs a cookie and they were cool till my next trip in, same thing, so I ended up taking a biscuit with me on every trip out so the dogs would not want kill me. What a PITA

I was power washing a house one day last summer when the teenage daughter came home and allowed their angry pit bull to escape out the back door. Fortunately for me, a 4000 psi blast of water to the face dramatically changed the trajectory of the charging hound.

As the stunned animal was retreating, the daughter was yelling “don’t worry, he doesn’t bite.” Yeah, sure, he just wanted to lick me, that’s why he was running so fast, snarling, and frothing at the mouth.

Some people.

You must have looked tasty that day. :wink:

Haven’t had problems with any animals directly, just lazy animal owners. ie: rarely clean the litter box, don’t pick up the land mines in the backyard.

I was cleaning for a guy who had a little, stocky chihuahua. The owner told me to walk in the yard, ignore him and after a few seconds it was cool. I laughed when this thing came toward me, so little he was… He jumped and bit me so hard right below the knee that he hung there for a second until my pants ripped. Ouch.

On another job, this pit bull puppy tried to follow me around attacking my squeegees and scrubbers. When that didn’t work out for him, he was put inside.Then he attacked the glass with his tongue. Slobber everywhere. It was funny and hey, at least I hadn’t cleaned the inside of the house at that point.

No animal horror storys… yet. It kind of surprizes me how many of the homeowners don’t have pets. I can only remember one client that has pets. Two very polite spaniels.

I have thought about taking my dog with me on some route days. He loves a ride in the truck, and doesn’t mind sitting in it for a while.

I hate it when they start drinking the bucket water. I’m usually laughing so hard I can’t do anything about it. At least it proves that GG4 is eco-friendly.

And wont leave a res…

It also keeps the dogs cleaner longer. Scientific FACT.

I have a client that is 92 with a very well trained German shepard. I really like the dog and understand why it does what it does. The thing is that he is so trained it won’t let anyone near the owner. So when I get there I attach a leash to my tool belt and let it drag. If I get to close to the owner, the dog pulls me away. sad to say I let a dog walk me at work but I can’t help it. It is one of the easiest $1500 days of work you could imagine.

I don’t understand the tool drag thing. Can you explain?

I clip the end of the leash that you would normally hook to the dog collar to my tool belt. Most of the time the leash drags on the ground. When I get near or in the general area of the owner the dog will pick up the leash with his mouth and pull me back. This is the only way anyone gets inside. without the leash connected the dog will rip you apart. He is very well trained, almost to much. when it comes to safety he is the best security a 92 year old lady could have. Until you feed it or put on a leash.

Way cool.

Is that really a dog, or a Muppet?:stuck_out_tongue:

He’s really real.

Some people have those robotic vacuum cleaners. I’ve got Rico, he does the same thing.

I do remember now one of my first window cleaning jobs was a print shop. The owner had this english bull dog that would just headbutt you. Very playful, just too playful. He would try to drink the water out of the bucket too. Farted bubbles.

Must have been dish soap.