Dealership pricing and proposal?

Hi I’m in Florida and was wandering the process or better yet how to price a car dealership? Any helpful hints and tips for closing and pricing these tips of jobs would be more than appreciated!!! Thanks again window cleaning fam!!!

Most stealerships have a manager in charge of maintenance, contact him. FYI, 8 times out of 10, they will already have a contract signed with a company you cannot beat or or encroach upon. It’s possible If you write the fanciest proposal in the world on 10.00 sheets of paper lined with 100.00 bills you might have a chance, lol. Dealerships are tough period.

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Good to know, who makes offers that type of contract? The window cleaner or the dealership?

dealerships are a “storefront” with corresponding mentality

What area of Florida are you in? LOL I feel unoriginal as my business name is Seabreeze Window Cleaning and I am also in Florida. Something about it just feels right, as I am on the coast and the seabreeze is what dirties the windows lol.

Dealerships are tough. Commercial is tough in general, especially with this pandemic going on. Tough business…I turn my attention to homes and homes only as I don’t feel commercial is going to make it through this virus.

Oh wowww yeah mine has “Corp “ at the end but I’m in south Florida ,boca raton on A1A to be exact and I appreciate the advice everyone !!! Just starting in august and going after as many store fronts and homes for sure!


Awesome man, i just meant the seabreeze part-- it just fit with our location and felt good!

I am north of you, not too far (Treasure Coast). We don’t go that far south, but a couple friends of mine have some residential in Boca, Boyton, Palm Beach, etc. Great area for business, a lot different than up north here believe it or not. Anything south of Palm City you will find better clients with more money…was in Abbacoa today helping a friend do some driveway brick paver sealing.

Good to see another Florida window cleaner, plenty of glass for everyone. Commercial is just tough right now, we do a lot of it and sad to see many shutting their doors for good… Residential however, well, I don’t need to tell you, you have noticed how windy it has been. Wind= Gold mine because all that salt from the ocean gets carried over onto the glass.