Dealing with a customer

I went out and gave a bid a couple months ago and booked the job, I’ve explained to the customer that we will need to re schedule the set date, I gave 7 days notice. I had a very good explanation/ reason as to why I couldn’t do the job on the set date. I understand a set date is set, but some things in life are unforseen. Just curious as to how any of you would deal with this situation.

Hi we need to reschedule the job how is this date ? No ok how’s this one? Lol not that hard


Are you saying the customer insist that you do it on the day even though you can’t for good reason?


“Hi, this is Matthew with Just Windows, I have you scheduled for next week on Thursday at 9. I apologize for the inconvenience but we need to change that to the the following week”…“oh, that won’t work?”, no problem, how about the week after?"…Oh, not until next month?, Sure lets do that"… “Thank you very much for helping me out”
That’s how I would handle it.


I, too, am a little confused about what the op is asking here…


I think I see where @jayaz is going with this…

There are times where you know (having discussed in detail) the importance of serving a (very) specific date.

  • Wedding (highest priority)
  • Graduation Party (lesser importance)
  • Holiday (4th of July, Labor Day)

You gave 7 days notice… did you offer them a make-up date DURING that time?

I realize now I should have been more specific in my post. I informed the customer and offered to reschedule at my soonest availability they responded with something along the lines of screw you for wasting my time.

Well, in that case, “good riddance.”

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I would have said screw you too for rescheduling a months in advance job at YOUR earliest convenience.


Scheduled the job a month in advance and had to reschedule it I assume ?

The only “very good explanation” would be a death in the family, or something along those lines…

You gotta think in the customers point of view that he scheduled a month in advance and you had to reschedule. You better have a pretty damn good reason why you have to reschedule.

If the customer still bit**ed and complained then nothing you can do. Customer was probably an ass.


This is tough…
Come hell or high water…(as posted above) I REALLY try to find out the occasion.
If it is dire, I keep that in the back of my mind, and will jump at the chance to get in there early.

  • agree with @Narcos if they are giving you a ‘point of no return date’ and a reason for that date… no excuse is good enough, on their end… you are boning them.

I appreciate the clarification. Since you’re not sharing what the reason was (and in no way am I saying you need to), I have to qualify each line of thinking.

  • You may have a very good reason to reschedule (death in the family, COVID symptoms or worse yet positive test result, your wife/child has an emergency procedure scheduled that day, etc etc), and they simply think you’re obligated to do this job no matter what is happening in your life. Like @Infinity said, probably good riddance.
  • If your reason for reschedule is not quite that good but still pretty important to you, I’d have looked to meet their deadline some other way. Maybe working on a Saturday or Sunday. If you have a great repeat customer who can get you out of the jam by moving their date, substitute. Maybe you can even have your friendly competitor to take care of this for you and kick in a little extra as a thank you. The customer did book a month ahead for a reason, so you as a responsible professional should work hard to make it happen if this is for your convenience or a less pressing reason.

Whatever the case, hope everything is well with you and your family.


I keep going back to this post…
I think its all relative, if it was a funeral (granted you wouldnt give a months notice) and you were left ‘high and dry’ is that acceptable?

  • I realize Im going way off on this situation… I just wonder where the lines are drawn?