Dear Santa

I’ve said before, I’m a fan of Larry Galler. So much so, I featured him in Saturdays blog. The latest Sunday newsletter was this:…

[I]Dear Santa:

So last night I couldn’t fall asleep and, instead of counting sheep I started compiling my list for Santa Claus.

 1.  A "Next Level" to give to everyone that tells me "I want to take my business to the Next Level."  I figure that, if I had one of those "Next Levels" I could just give it to them and save them the trouble of defining what they meant instead of having to ask them to define it and then waiting to hear their Elmer Fudd imitation.

 2.  A "Good Employee Finder" to give to everyone who whines, "You can't find good employees anymore."   This handy-dandy device would immediately transform an attractive new hire into a loyal, brave, knowledgeable, charming, honest, and tireless staffer who was willing to work for minimum wage without benefits and would save the employer the effort of creating job descriptions, operation manuals, training, and mentoring.

 3.  A "Status Quo Keeper" to give to everyone that resists change.  This device, at the push of a button, would negate the need for improvement, stop competition from gaining an upper hand, eliminate population and demographic shifts would allow everything to remain the same always.

Santa, it’s a really short list and it would sure help a lot of businesspeople I know who are too lazy to invest in planning to help them improve their businesses, too busy churning employees to invest in a staff infrastructure, and too shortsighted to create an expansive vision to help them move into the future.

So I’ve hung my sock from the mantle and hope you can dig up those wonder tools this year. If not then just give me a little more perseverance so I can talk to them for another year to help make them understand that there are no miracle tools to replace the little effort it takes to make their dreams come true.[/I]

Wow. I see some familiar stuff in that letter.


I think Kevin wrote it & sent it to Larry :smiley: