Deep clean or soap?

We have had really great success with Wayne’s formula for cleaning fabric awnings. I do recommend it for those trying to fivure out basic cleanings. However, I would like to ask if you have had equal success replacing the Deep Clean with your soap? We were short on inventory a few weeks ago and a crew substituted soap for Deep clean and the awnings came out well. What concerns or ideas do you have? Deep Clean is more expensive than soap…

while i can’t say how waynes mix works (i have not used it YET) i would think of it like this
you can go out and BUY LEVI’S jeans, or you can go to kmart and BUY their HUSKY brand jeans.
BOTH do the same thing, (hey they are pants…) BUT with slight differences when compared. (i now buy levi’s)
For me, the subtle diff would be i could not say in my marketing
"Cleaned with manufacturers approved cleaners". With waynes mix you can claim that.
Actually waynes mix is pretty inexpensive in comparison to other awning cleaners.
Figger how much it cost you to use waynes mix on a job, and ROLL it into the price. (thats what i am going to do…)
A awning is a expensive thing to mess up. GOOD LUCK!!!