Deep sills

I was wondering if any of you do a lot of stores with those deep sills? We didn’t have very many in my last territory, but some of the newer buildings here in town are starting to use them. I was curious how everyone tackles these.

For me, I’ll probably use a wagtail and close out on the side. I don’t really like ledgers, but I might get one just to see if it’s better/worse than the wagtail. I definitely don’t like the idea of using a ladder, but if that’s the best way, I’ll just have to bid accordingly.

If you use a ledger, what size do you carry? I think the sills are like 6 or 8". Or do you just use ladders?

It really depends on how deep we are talking about. A lot of the deeper ledges I’ll ladder up for, as trying to pole these will leave a ton of mess on the sills and you can never fully close out very well. Ends up taking longer than it would have if you just got out that damn ladder :wink:

If my ninja/slayer combo wont close out well, up the ladder I go

We do some on our routes. My one guy is really good with a wagtail and can usually close out well with it. I’m not accomplished at it thus far.
What I’ve done is use a swivel handle and tilt the squeegee with each pass so as to pull the water all the way down to the sill in the direction I’m going. For the final pass down I just try with all my tricks and “expertise” get straight down as far as possible and then use a dry bath towel on a pole to get the bulk of what’s left. Then I’ll detail from there. Now that I’m using Unger cleaning pads for various situations, when I revisit some of the tough ones I’ll try detailing the bottom few inches with them.

Yeah, I was afraid of that.

Zero degree squeegee is what I always use for stuff like this. U fan it all the way to the bottom and then finish on the side.

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Get yourself a 16" ledger I have 3 different ledges . They take practice , but they do come in handy . Anything I have with a ledge i use my ledgers. I understand what Rivot is saying sometimes if there to deep yes ya would have to ladder up. Never used a zero degree or a wagtail so I don’t know what those tools are capable of. With the ledge wiping I don’t wipe them if there being sticked they can’t see them anyway. Sometimes I can pull the water off the sill with the ledger . If I they wanted them wiped I would have to charge more.
Like he says it depends on the ledge sometimes it does just make sense to ladder up . For me if it could be done with a ledger I’m good with it so that’s what I do

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It’s funny I have never owned a ledger. Never needed one a zero has always suited my needs. But then again I only use a zero degree squeegee. Maybe someday I should get one. Wait I did buy one onetime. I don’t know where it is though. Never use it. Huh. Oh well.

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Ya I bought deflgree never really took the time to figure it out, an what it can, or can’t do. I don’t see how you could get a window with a deep ledge that is 15-20’ off the ground with a zero degree. Maybe you can I don’t know. I like ledgers it’s a good tool to have. I’m sure a zero degree is also but I haven’t found a need for it yet.

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