Deja Vu


that dude sounds very scary,

can you say TED BUNDY


That did scare me. Just a little.

The delivery of his message was a little flat. Perhaps someone else should do his talking on YouTube for him. In sales it’s all about image.

I was hoping that he was just making 10 videos of the same thing & deleting the ones he didn’t like - they are all still there :confused:

I initially titled this thread “No”.

Have to admit - I was a tad scared. I think most home owners would run if this guy talked to them like this. I think women would just throw their purse at him & run after 5 seconds.

My wife says “that’s the last thing you hear, before he kills you.”

Hey thats me doing those videos :mad:

This guy just gave a seminar on how not to advertise…

If we are going to utilize video, ADD PERSONALITY!

So what are you’ll saying I’m a killer with no personality?

Hey were did everybody go? Don’t be scared. It’s not me, really, j/k.

My wife walked in just as I started the video and asked, "Is he a killer? I bet he has a freezer full of body parts in his back yard!"
That was a 2-second reaction.

She was horrified when I told her he was a window cleaner.

I bet he has told someone to put the lotion in the basket

:eek: OMG I almost fell off my chair with that one. LOL I imitate Jame Gumb all the time to crack my wife up. Silence of the lambs is one of her favorite movies.

I can’t think of anything to say that won’t get this tossed in the fridge!:smiley:

what an idiot!
I hope he’s a member here…You’re an idiot!

LOL I imitate Jame Gumb all the time to crack my wife up.

OMG, not that scene! :o

Would you watch tool talk, I’d watch tool talk.


I kept thinking any moment during the video he was going to get all angry and scream…“Will you leave me alone mother…WILL YOU LEAVE ME ALONE!”…then go back into his calm state and say “Sorry that was mother…she has dinner ready…you will have to excuse me.”