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You’re in California, not surprising. We’re at 27%.

We’re only able to get insured with state fund, so whatever they say it is, it is unfortunately.

They’re almost the only insurer that will insure the window cleaning class code. All window cleaning is lumped together in CA, ground and high rise.

If you know someone like an underwriter at another agency, I have known a couple of people that got away from state fund but it’s not easy. Zurich said they’d insure us but they want us at $100k in premium first. I’ve tried about 10 different brokers/agencies, etc. Nothing works.

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uh, yeah. I’ll get right on that… WTF?

In NJ, initially they wanted 66.9% for window cleaning, as its the same with high rise and ground work lumped together.

My agent reclassified us as “Janitorial”, and we have been at 6.9% for the last 7 years or so.

May be something to look into, if its possible in CA.

Workmans comp codes: 9014 for ground level. 9170 for anything off ground. Adjust your percentages accordingly. Mine was 90% ground and 10% off ground.

Also, when booking jobs you’ll have to keep them separate so when you’re audited you can provide documentation on those percentages.

But if something actually happened would you still be covered? Seems doubtful