Deleting bot members

Hey Chris, how do you delete the bots and the vanishing members (they log in once but never come back).

Do you delete members who haven’t logged in after 90 days or so? If you don’t that might be a good idea so that the membership information accurately reflects how many people read the forums, and also includes the lurkers who never post but are of course welcome to read the posts.

Hey Mike I haven’t deleted any yet… Im not sure what the actual stance will be on it. I belong to allot of forums. Some of them I have never and probably never will post on. I just occasionally pop in when I have a question and need to search the archives. On some forums I may only log in twice a year, and I would hate to attempt to log in an find out I was deleted. So I am really not sure how we will handle it.

As for spam bots, like I have said if you get any type of spam please let me know and I will eradicate them.

I love the word “eradicate”

How about eliminate or exterminate?

Members also receive WCR email blasts whether they login or not – that’s probably a positive.