I was looking up some info on air ionization in relation to window cleaning and I came upon this article:

It had an unexpected benefit to me, so i wanted to share it so that even one other person could benefit.

I personally suffer from depression and take meds under Dr. supervision. However, it doesn’t completely solve the problem. I’ve run my wc biz for 10 years and in past years, there have been times where i’ve pulled up to my storefronts and just drove away because i just felt so drained. It’s not that bad now.

No one would know because i manage to laugh, joke around, smile and generally be congenial. But even now, i just dont feel good inside most days that i’m working. I’m at the point that i could/should start hiring at least one helper but i feel that i’d be a less than ideal person to be around, so i hold back and have had to drop very profitable accounts because i just couldnt handle the workload by myself.

Im sure there are others here who suffer from this sickness and feel discouraged about it or feel they should be able to just soldier through it, that it’s weakness. The article i linked above was very interesting to me and my hope is that it will help anyone who deals with depression. Im not so much focused on the govt/military aspect but more the ion part of the article.

Does anyone have any experience with negative ion generators to help with depression? Id be interested in any input you might have. I was thinking of buying one for my car since i spend a large portion of my week driving.

Anyway, from my Dr., what i have learned is that we call it mental illness but jt is actually a physical illness, just like diabetes or a broken bone or poor eyesight. Imagine trying to work your schedule with a broken foot. Or if you need corrective lenses, leave them at home and try working for the day. Now shift that impairment to the most complex thing created in the physical universe, the human brain.

However, instead of a muscle or a joint or a ligament physically ailing, it’s the chemicals that are being/not being sent in between the brain cells that are malfunctioning. The longer it goes untreated, the worse the wound festers.

In summary, if you suffer from depression, i hope the article can help give some relief, in that, we don’t really understand all the factors that may be causing us to feel the way we do. And that any little productive thing that you do in your day is an accomplishment, even if you’re not running as efficiently as you would like.


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My Mother worked in emergency room and she dreaded full moons nights, complete chaos! I have Ionic natural salt crystal lamp which we leave on 24/7. Have you ever read Eckhart Tolle’s books? I found them helpful. All the best!


I was on med’s for awhile too and still share many of the feelings and challenges you describe.
The article sounds interesting but the military aspect makes me want put on my tinfoil hat. Have you found other sources that support the ion effects in the article?

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No, i haven’t but my wife said she read some other corroborative articles after i showed her this one. She also read that Air Conditioning produces positive ions, the ions responsible for generating serotonin and thus feeling badly.

I wasn’t even researching depression when i came upon this. I was trying to find info on ionising air as a means to clean windows.

But it does pique my interest into looking further into it. PM me if you ever need to talk. My door is always open. :blush:

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You too

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Here’s an interesting article about how gardening may actually have a positive effect on depression.

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In my case i ended up finding certain foods triggered depression. Avoiding those and making sure to get enough sleep eliminated a tremendous amount of my depressive feelings. Winters are still tough to deal with though.

I hate depression.


depression is a bitch,but can be greatly helped with exercise and diet. Runs in my family. Washing windows is hard work. Hows your diet and activity? i think this could be a big factor in your motivation.

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i went through 4 years of extreem anxiety and depression. the thing that got me through was God, not in a cheesy way that a lot of people say that but in a James 1:2-4 way “Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.”

and a Romans 8:18-39 kind of way.

depression, sickness, suffering, these are things that point us to the fact that our world and ourselves are broken, the only solution is to be reconcilled to God through repentance from sin and faith in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of our sins.


also, aside from the spiritual side (which is primary) the physical side matters too, sunlight, exercise, volunteering help with depression and the last time i had a really bad panic attack was a day that i went to lamaz(sp?) class with my wife, i did the breathing exercises with her in the class and as we were leaving i realized that those breathing exercises had a stronger effect on my anxiety than a xanix


I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this on the WCR forum but I too suffer from depression and anxiety. In the winter is worse because of Seasonal Affective Disorder (I use a SAD light every morning from late Oct to late March). What has also helped me plenty is going to the gym several times a week and improving my nutrition. In fact, sometimes when I feel a bout of depression coming on I immediately try to recall how my diet has been the past few days and sure enough, it was probably heavy with empty carbs, too much alcohol or lack of sufficient water intake.

Whatever you can do/research to find ways to improve your health, go for it. Sometimes knowing others in our industry feel this way can be of comfort as well. Take care of yourself and good luck.


Mark, I was actually going to ask the guys where you’ve been. I always appreciate your perspective on things in so many of the old posts that I’ve read.

I think your multi-front approach to treating depression is really good, similar to what I do too. I’ve noticed the gym is good as long as I don’t overdo it. I’ve thought about getting the SAD light before. How effective have you found it to be and any tips on which one to get?

I read an interesting study on dehydration and depression and became more cognizant of my water intake. I was impressed that even water intake really matters for this illness.

Crazy how many people suffer from depression these days!


I swear by my SAD lamp into the darker winter months. As soon as I start noticing a consistent pattern of mild depression coming on late fall (moodiness, lack of interest in things like hobbies/work, etc) I start up with the lamp. Usually takes about 2 weeks of consistent use before the depression symptoms settle down.


WI think it’s great you guys are willing to discuss this openly. I don’t suffer from depression, but I have close friends who do. From everything I’ve read, it’s exactly as the OP said: it is an illness that cannot be easily beaten. Being open enough to get help is huge, and not easy to do in our society.

It is no different than a physical illness. If someone close has cancer, we don’t simply say, “Get over it, buddy!” And we don’t blame then. We support them and encourage them to get help.

Nice thread, gents.


I think that in some ways it’s harder to deal with depression in our industry. You usually end up with a lot of time to think when you’re working, and its easy to let those thoughts be negative about yourself or your business or any number of things. When you’re starting a business too and deal with depression, all of the challenges at the beginning can seem more overwhelming than they really are.

Today I’m actually having a tough day, so reading this thread is a help. I’ve got a stack of office work to do and should be doing some marketing too since we don’t have any jobs today. I just can’t get motivated though. So I’m not putting too much pressure on myself today. Tomorrow can be better. Oh and I should probably go drink some more water…


Yea I use one of those as well they are great. It really helps with the mood in the winter in the cold dark warehouse. And Ive noticed it helps wake you up.


Do you all have a particular lamp you’d recommend? I’ve thought about getting one before, but there are so many options it becomes overwhelming.


I bought mine over 10 years ago and it still works. I’ve never changed the lamps inside yet. There are several listed on Amazon with 5 star reviews. It would be a good place to start looking.

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