Desperate for help starting up again

Louie, what are you charging per window for residential?
I used to get $14. But here I am thinking half that is more like it.

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You are correct sir.

Double Hung… $5 in and out. Screens… $2 Tracks $2

I don’t understand not doing tracks… I mean… if they ask. I am doing it. I may upcharge… but I am doing it.

It sure is sad moving to a new area and thinking its going to be the same. It always almost NEVER is the same.

(I moved around a lot as a youth)

$5 for a double hung window inside and out?

$6 if you include screen cleaning?

Did I read that correct?

Pro Window Cleaning

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Believe it or not… I am way more expensive than most in my area. But I keep selling value.

Basically… I have gone around and talked to other window cleaners in the area to see what they charge.

Actually didn’t have to go anywhere… I see 2 or 3 different window cleaners almost everyday. But my home is in the thick of every window cleaners target demo from all sides of town. Which is nice… Because I get all their marketing materials too. CONSTANTLY.

Which comes to a possible reason flyers are not as good as stepping it up a little.


You will get a ROI. Just will not be anywhere near what your used to. So… Print triple of what your used to printing and handing out and get creative. Then get to work.

Darryl - My phone number is 520-488-0608. Text me… We can talk shop.

More like 7-9 is the standard.

There are guys here that move so fast… They make $80-$100 per hour squeegee time. They don’t realize how much money they are leaving on the table, and they wouldn’t have to work so hard. They could do $200 per hour if they knew how to sell it right.

These prices don’t reflect me per se. I am only a whopping dollar more… $8 - $10 $11 with ladder stand… But I have a WFP. So the ladders on the truck are just ornaments to make me look official.