Desperate for sample invoices, hoa, property manager presentation packages

I’m running low on creativity and I’ve downloaded all the presentation packages that Chris and Alex offer via the WCRA membership for approaching commercial accounts but I’m looking for a more detailed presentation package and could use the help from fellow WCR members. I would be awfully grateful for any real samples of professional presentation packages that you guys use when approaching commercial accounts for the first time. I have reference letters, along with all my insurance letters, workers comp etc, but I have hit a road block on what an effective presentation package should look like and how to compile one… I would be using this the same way we use a business card, however I would like something a little more detailed to walk in from the streets and physically hand to a prospective property manager/ building maintenance supervisor etc. Does any one have the same goal: to be able to carry a stack of presentation or company brochures with you at all times and when you see a real estate office, or a property management companies, you can simply walk in, greet them and hand them a professional looking business package with all your references, Docs and company info? You would then follow up by phone and the purpose would be to get on their vendor list, bid on jobs and to simply have a tool in hand to get your name out their and your foot in the door in a professional way. ANYONE HAVE ANYTHING RESEMBLING A PRESENTATION PACKAGE THAT THEY COULD SHARE WITH ME? Or even sample invoices to LARGE commercial accounts would be helpful too!.. I have all the requirements to service these large accounts but have no creative platform to getting my foot in the door and I think having some ideas to go off of would be my key to success in this area… (I highly respect all my local Window Cleaners and would rather such information come from outside the San Diego market, otherwise I would return the favor in some form of compensation.)

Call or go in. Be yourself. Smile.

I am researching the same idea “presentation package”, it has been a year since this post. Will you please report your developments? What worked & what did not?

To follow up on this thread, I just wanted to respond to SEETHRUSHINE… The key for us was to get about 20 (5) Start Reviews (From doing Exceptional Work from Real Clients) and since that time out phone has been busy with Tons of Commercial and Residential Clients calling… 95% of our New business now comes from Angie’s list and Yelp, where we have 40 (5 Star) Reviews and No bad reviews… So it wasn’t the packets that did it for us, just a few years of flawless work and exceptional customer service and now were growing exponentially… It was a lot of hard work, I’m not going to lie… Lots of crazy employees hired and fired, and lots of good and bad customers that we dealt with professionally to earn those reviews…

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