Dever Company For Sell: $435,000 Gross Sales 2014

[B]This is a very quick informal run down of the company.

Residential Window Cleaning
Mobile Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning
Gutter Cleaning
Gutter Guards
Window Film.

Business was started in 2007 and maintains a near flawless testimonial list from all on-line rating sites. We are currently very aggressively placed on major search engines from constant professional SEO work.

Our 2013 gross revenues where approximately $435,000 with growth in our better margin areas while reducing some exposure to other areas. We currently operate out of a 900 sq ft garage leased month to month. Assets include vehicles, ultrasonic cleaning machine, dedicated trailer for mobile blind cleaning, water fed pole system, and a substantial amount of residential window cleaning equipment. Current database contains over 2400 clients. We cover the entire metro area from Parker Colorado to Lyons Colorado.

Currently the absentee owners are working on new start-ups in different fields and are not focused on taking this company to the next level. An active owner could pull a very nice starting salary for the industry to manage. The company has remained very stable with growth over the past 18-24 months of non-owner management oversight. This frees up the new owner to move the company into full growth mode.


$190,000 (with options for owner financing)

A substantial down payment will be necessary as well as personal guarantees on the note we will be carrying. This is an S-corp. and we will be looking for a straight stock buy out. AR will be priced separately at the time of buy out. We may entertain retaining certain portions of the company if your not interested in all services offered. Because I’m using a new personal login rather than the business one I cannot yet post email address here. You can email me at: jaredmprice at Or post your contact and I will get back to you.

Did you get full ask for it?

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This has sold. Thank you for the Inquiries.