DI in the winter

What does everyone do with there DI tanks in the winter? Will they freeze? I was going to keep mine in my enclosed trailer but Im thinking that will be a bad idea. :confused:

Yea for sure your gonna want to get those into a warm place. We bring them up stairs out of the garage and keep them right in our main office area so they stay warm. Our pure water carts and DI tanks all come in.

WCR member Juggernaut left his in his trailer and a few of the housings blew up. There are pics of it on here somewhere I believe. Wrapping them is an option, but I wouldn’t risk it.

BLOW UP? That would have been pretty cool to see! Thanks for the info.

Also dangerous… Pvc Housings can blow… and that stuff shatters!

No problem!

Your in Kentucky right? You guys get full blown winter there dont you?

I just bought a small space heater to put in the van at night to get me through the end of the season. It has an anti freeze setting, and will keep the temp at 42 degrees.

Since I rent my tank, I return it at the end of December.