DI resin change?

I just changed the di resin in my wash it pro and the reading is not getting under 100, I had an old 1/4 cube tank I emptied and filled from the same bag of resin and the reading is 200+, the tap is about 325.

Is my resin bad? I ordered it maybe 4 to 6 months ago thinking I’d be ready when I needed it. I didn’t see storing instructions.

Wow. No answers to this? Nuts.

There was similar thread a few weeks ago with some suggestions. I changed resin in my wash it with resin I bought with the machine a year ago no problem but apparently it’s not supposed to dry out

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DI resin has a shelf life but you do need to keep it in the air tight bag it comes in. If it is exposed it will grap the minerals out of the air. Please call me on Monday and I will get you sorted out with your resin.