DI tank issue

I have one of those 1/2 portable DI tanks for my WF pole. Last time I used it, the water on the windows had this pearlescent sheen, I guess from the resin.

Is this normal, will it leave residue on the glass?

I use DI only. I haven’t experienced that, I don’t believe. Could there have been soap on the glass? Or maybe some kind of UV coating?
Usually I check a few windows after they dry just to make sure.

Check your tds out of the DI. Could also
be vinyl frames leaching. A picture would be useful.

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TDS read zero, it’s as if the resin was dissolving in the water. Definitely not anything to do with the window. It was very sparkly!

We call that “ghosting”. Its usually from some sort of sealant or improperly cured paint leeching onto the glass.

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Trust me it’s from the resin. I’ve cleaned these windows by hand many times before, thought I would use the WF once. I’m just trying to determine why it’s doing that.

Then I kinda lean towards it being soap residue in the frames or leaching oxidized frames.

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I’ve been window cleaning way too long to know that opalescent, sparkly golden stuff sheeting down the window isn’t from a frame.

I am however new to this WFP/pure water thing so trying to figure out why this is happening. If I don’t get it resolved it’s getting put up for sale.



The last thing that comes to mind, perhaps the hose flow is backwards and you are losing resin?
Otherwise, if you are not actually losing resin and the windows turned out nice, no sweat.

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Open your DI tank and make sure the tube going into the resin is still connected. I had that happen once and the glass definitely had a not normal sheen to ( I have no idea what pearlescent is though).

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Thanks, I’ll check that.