Did I bid way too high?

I am thinking not, but wanted to ask all’yall.

95 casements
16 large picture windows
15 glass doors
3 glass block arrays


All ground floor, a few windows need accessed from lower level driveway. WFP all of outside with maybe 25 windows done with indoor pure water, the rest traditional.

Still new, so I look at a price like this and think - am I crazy to expect this? Then, no… not crazy at all - the house is going to fabulous when I am done.

Any thoughts from any of you veterans?

Did you get the job? If yes, then no, you didn’t bid too high:)


We would’ve been around $800 for this. And many in our market would be lower.

Where are you located?

You are in the high side, but if you can get it, great. I’d probably charge similar to Rob.

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Were the casements counted per pane, or per set? If they were singles, I would be at $1,120. If they were sets of two, I would have priced it similar to you. But with jobs this large, I have a backup price in mind in case they balk, usually 15-20% off. I know a lot of people here won’t haggle, but if I can make the same amount per day as I could have by doing several smaller jobs, what’s the big deal? My hourly may appear lower on paper, if I only count on site labor, but I save time on larger jobs from less setup and takedown, less travel, and less dealing with people.

Hmm. I am in Asheville, NC. It’s a big custom home - 5k + sq feet, surrounded by glass. Windows haven’t been done in a while. No streetview, but get a bird’s eye on zwillow.

1 Trailridge Rd, Asheville, NC 28804 - Zillow

Your price is probably on the high side.

How long you estimate it will take? I’m guessing one good day for two guys? In that case, I’m at $900 probably.

Little bit high but not astronomical. Can be done in 2 days solo.

Lately I’ve noticed some company’s offer screen cleaning at no charge but they charge more per pane than I do with screens factored in. Is that bid with the screens?

I would bid it at $1105, no screens ($4 more) and probably lose the bid to someone $300 to $500 lower depending on how they found me.

If I win this job, I will happily do the screens as part of the job. I don’t mention screens in the bid, but always brush them off outside if not too bad, or if the people are sweethearts, I’ll just go ahead and wash them. If they are really soiled, then I make a pitch to do the screens.

Might even buy an IPC screen cleaner to help out!

I am not really fazed by someone coming in lower. It’s a big job, and with labor costs they can’t get too far under and still add value. I might not get the job, but when I leave I want people to say whoa… this place looks great! I mean - I am representing not only myself - but all of you, too.

The way I figure it so = 16 to 20 hrs, doing it all by traditional means. With WFP, it will cut the time needed to do the outside considerably - so there is more time to add value: i.e. screens, accessible mirrors, outside lamps, blowing driveways, deck, and walkways as part of my clean-up, etc.

I do agree that it might shock them into not picking up the phone to tell me thank you, but we’re going to hire another company that is cheaper. But I don’t know - there are some folks that have looked at estimates that I though were exorbitant, based on the same criteria (but) with higher costs for the picture windows) and they said I was fair in my pricing. I guess this is a learning curve, eh?

these people may say “no” and you can get a call from the neighbors who end up saying “yes” at the same pricing. Its not the price as much as it is the sale and everyone acts differently to different sales pitches.

You should address what is included re: screens as part of your bid. Trust me it will save you headaches down the road.

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Thanks, Larry - this is solid advice. I see how it can cause confusion.