Did I just kill my R.O.?

After a much needed vacation I just hooked up my r.o. for the first time in about 3 weeks. Like a dumby I hooked the hose into the pure water port and ran it for about 10- 20 seconds. The ppm from the spigot is about 90. Now after hooking it up correctly my ppm from the pure side was all the way up to 52 but after flushing it for ten minutes it is at 46. Will it go back to the 3 -6ish range if I flush it for a while or is it basically shot? It’s at 4 when not hooked up to the wfp hose but the back pressure makes it jump high.

don’t know, run it longer set up as you would use it and see what happens

RO protect took care of my system when we were away for 6 weeks last year. For a time it even performed better. Maybe give that a shot