Diesel heaters

I currently have an L5 lpg hot water DI only system set up in my van because it is 1/10th the price of a diesel setup.

Why are diesel systems so expensive and is there a cheaper way of makeing a diesel setup…?
I know they use diesel heaters on boats but would one of them be easy to setup for WFP purposes…?

Mr H

I suspect if you research the cost of the diesel heaters themselves, you will find the answer to your question about why the diesel fired wfp systems are so expensive.

We manufacture one and the cost of the heater is the issue. BUT you do not want to skimp on the heater as they are made from metal and that will corrode over time. Our heaters are all stainless as well as the fittings on our hot water systems.

What price would just the diesel heater with frost protection cost…?

Depends on your source. They are available in the UK. We use the one Omnipole uses.

Ok… Thanks for the info…