Different Squeegee Rubber & Channel

I was browsing the net I came across this. [/SIZE][SIZE=6]



Four Edges is a good idea if it works. It has been done before by a company called
TDK from England but the rubber was too hard and it didn’t work. This configuration
looks like it would work. Why waste 2 edges?

That’s pretty interesting… looks like they copied oro channels with a new spin on the rubber. Have you ever used their products before? Never seen them in the US.

Here is a better description. http://www.youtube.com/user/WindowCleanerBloke

There is a w/c supply company in the US that sells a rubber based on the same concept (four sided), I have never tried it though. Had asked a question about it several years ago without much in response. Great concept if it is a quality rubber getting double the life out of each one, but if it is not a good quality you might end up flipping it for the same amount of glass that you would get from a regular rubber.

I don’t see any prices or sales information.

Click the 1st (PDF)


Will look later…can’t find it. The handle looks like a Pulex handle. The idea is great.
I don’t want to buy a package of 6 though.

If the 4 sided rubber works, it should take over the industry.

If not, why not?


See the squeegee rubber 4 edges

Quick release clip unlocked

Quick release clip locked in, no more clips to lose!

looks an interesting range. is the firm near to you HE-MAN? if so, could you get along there and do a video of the factory and how stuff is made.it would be interesting to see

I well be calling them tomorrow get a few channels and squeegee rubbers see how the go.
Give them a try.

Please let us know how that works out. I am wondering about whether they can market in the US? I am sure it
would take a lot of red tape and I wonder if they will be violating any patents. It looks like this product
could be a good one.

Haven’t had a chance to get one to try it but working on it.
Here is a profile of channel and how the double sided squeegee rubber goes in.

He man,

Come on man. It’s already been a month. How long you gonna keep us waiting! :slight_smile:

These are sold in Canada.

These are sold in Canada.

Squeegee channel or the 4 sided squeegee rubber?
Or both?

…both. The product youre looking into has been on the market in Canada for a couple years now. Ive never seen or used one but I know they are sold here.

[QUOTE=nettoyage.adriance;151062]…both. The product youre looking into has been on the market in Canada for a couple years now. Ive never seen or used one but I know they are sold here.[/QUOT

Why doesn’t anyone have one? Is it just a nice looking picture on a website, but they
are waiting for orders before they have the product, or are they so expensive, no one wants one?
I don’t get it.

Im waiting until I actually go to the supplier (2 hrs drive from my home) to check out the quality and workability before I purchase one. They dont look as high quality as what I`ve always and probably will always use.