Different Tools- Different Brands

We all have an arsenal of tools that we use day in and day out on our jobs. There are so many different brands and types of tools to choose from.

I’m now in my 4th year of window cleaning and was looking back at my experience with different brands of various tools I have tried, used, and/or settled on.

I got to thinking more specifically of the tools that I have settled on or chosen to be my (brand) tools of choice. I’ve heard many say that they favor Ettore or exclusively, or prefer Unger or Pulex.

I’ve sampled tools from all of the major brands out there and have settled on the ones that work well for me. Surprisingly, I do not favor any particular brand exclusively. I own and use tools from all of the big 4 major window cleaning tool companies.

Ettore, Unger, and Pulex I guess, are the big 4 companies that make and sell the tools we use.

We all do pretty much the same kind of work but we each prefer certain tools over others. I thought it would be neat if we have a thread where we list the brands of tools in each catagory of the tools that we use and maybe offer a specific reason why we prefer that particular brand.

I’m talking about traditional tools that we use for standard window cleaning. We could have a seperate thread for WFP tools that we use or just say in this thread that we also use (or do not use) WFP equipment. Also we could have a seperate thread for CCU window cleaning tools that we each prefer.

The catagories of window cleaning tools will be the different types of tools we use:

-Squeegee channels
-Squeegee handles
-Rubber blades
-Scrubber sleeves
-Detailing towels

If I have left out any (standard) window cleaning tools just let me know and I’ll edit it into this list. It may be best to keep ladders in another thread. I started to leave soap out from the list but it is so important that we really shouldn’t leave it out. Let’s just keep the soap debates in the numerous existing soap debate threads.

Perhaps hard water stain removing chemicals should be in another thread also because many of us use an assortment of them.

So I guess the one rule is that the list is comprised of standard window cleaning tools only. The one exception is that our tool belts (or pouches)may be standard tool belts or pouches from Lowe’s or other non-window cleaning supply stores.

Thanks in advance to all who take the time to share their preferred tools.
I just think it would be neat to see what everyones personal choice of the tools they actually prefer and use in each of these catagories.

I’ll list my standard window cleaning tools of choice in a seperate post in this thread.

-Squeegee Channels-

18" Quick Silver (the best for poling and it fans well too) 12" and 14" Unger Ergo Tec because they are sturdy and light. I like the clipless feature for quick change of rubber. My 6" and 8" channels are Steccones-I keep these on my belt at all times so it helps out that they are very light.

-Squeegee Handles-

I love the Unger Ergo Tec handles for my 12" and 14" squeegees. They just feel great and have a great angle that allows closing out really well. Clipless and quick release too. I hate clips.
I use a modified Unger Pro Stainless Steel fixed, two screw (used to be clipless) (used to be quick release) handle for my 18" Quicksilver channel. I tried numerous handles with the and this is the all around best for me.
I use Steccone Featherweight handles for my 6 & 8 inch channels.

-Rubber Blades-

18" Soren for my channel (made by Ettore who makes the very best rubber that I have tried, but sometimes even the best is not perfect)
I use Ettore rubber in all of my traditional style squeegees.


I own Unger, brand, and Ettore T-Bars but prefer the Ettore swivel T-Bars. They fit my pole tips and stay on well and hold more solution than the aluminum pipe style of T-Bars. The swivel feature is more versatile than the fixed T-Bar

-Scrubber Sleeves-

I use Pulex Micro Fiber for interiors because Craig Aldrich said (long ago) that they hold more solution and drip less and he was right. He also said that the Blue Max scrubber sleeves from Racensein are great for really dirty exterior glass and he was also right about that. I also use the Pulex Micro Tiger on monthly storefront exteriors. It’s good but not necessarily great.


Ettore 18" rectangular (yellow) bucket for commercial. Because it’s the one that the guy in the instructional video (CD-ROM) that I first learned from used. Any bucket will work fine though. I also own an Unger Bucket On A Belt and the blue Pulex Belt Bucket. I love the Unger because it doesn’t hang too low and hit my leg or knee and hate the Pulex because it does. I do use the Pulex to store extra channels and scrubber/T-Bar in my homemade tool caddy.


Triumph Mark 3 (red) non-angled 6 inch scraper and the standard Triumph black 6 inch scraper. I love these scrapers but the blade and cartridge that holds it will not stay in the handle. It’s constantly sliding out just a little and I have to slide it back in pretty much every time I reach for it.


Unger 4’-8’ poles. I have two of them and love the way they look, feel, and perform. Parts (collars,stones, and tips) are replaceable. I have an 18’ Unger (3 piece) pole that I’ve had since the beginning. It’s still kicking and I love it. It does get pretty noodle like fully extended though. I also have two 24’ Ettore poles which I prefer for the longer lengths because they are more rigid than the Ungers. I don’t like the tips and the clip that is supposed to hold the tip on these Ettore poles. Parts are replaceable on the Ettore poles too.


I own the Unger Ergo Tec belt and hate it so I use a standard leather tool belt from Lowe’s

-Holsters- I use the blue nylon 2 squeegee holster. Works great! I use a scraper holster (the vertical kind) to hold my Triumph scrapers.


I have the Unger Ergo Tec Personal Bag, Ergo Tec Pouch (holds 647 huck towels), and the Unger Ergo Tec Bottle Holder (holds 32 oz. flip top bottle of soap really well). I can’t say enough about how great these pouches are. I have so many tools right there on my belt in these comfortable to wear pouches.

-Detailing Towels-

I have apx 150 blue huck towels that I use for detailing most any windows that I squeegee. I bought an Unger 10 pack of (lime green) (well worth the $40) low pile micro fiber towels for any glass that I need to spray, wipe, & buff dry with the 50/50 solution. This is perhaps the best kept secret in the window cleaning business.


I use Glass Gleam 4 for all standard window cleaning. I use a little bit of Dawn on a white scrub pad for chicken grease finger prints that those little kids get all over restaraunt glass. I also carry a sling shot to shoot those little bastages with when their parents aren’t looking.

Water Fed Pole

-I do have a Water Fed Pole outfit for exterior cleaning. What a great advance in window cleaning. When I got it and started using it I felt as though I had gotten a promotion in my own company.

I see that there have been some views of this subject but no replies.

I guess it is too time consuming to sit down and list every tool that you use and reasons why you like it. God knows it took long enough for me to write it all out.

I actually played hooky from work this past Monday when I sat down and posted this thread. I had to force myself to take a day off from work because I was working so much. I’m also a musician and had worked on the road a couple of days over the weekend so sometimes I just don’t get the time off that I need.

Well, I got bored Monday and wrote out this post about tools and it did take a long time. Not to mention it’s so long that I doubt many viewers actually read it all.

Hopefully some of the newcomers will find some of the info useful.

yeah, to much to write :open_mouth:

I use Unger stainless and brass channels 4" to 22"

Unger Ergo tech/ 30*(degree) swivel/0* swivel

Only used Unger soft and have no problems. I will try ettore when I need more.

I always have a 6" Pulex with microfiber sleeve / a 14" Unger Ergo tech with a Unger monsoon sleeve and a Pulex scrub sleeve and a 22" pulex aluminum swivel with a Pulex scrub sleeve and a Pulex Microtiger and a blah blah blah…
-Scrubber Sleeves-

Fancy Unger rectangle ones. Kind of fits the 22" wand.

Triumph MK3

Unger opti-locks 8’ and 12’

Just a fabric toolbelt from a similar store.

I use the scraper holster and the one squeegee holster from along with a boab (Unger Lefty Style)

I use my pockets, cooler, or truck for this.

I use terry towels for frames and huck towels for detailing.


I’m part Polish does that count?

Cost Me a twelver but I did it, YEAH.

-Squeegee channels
, Ettore, Pulex Alu

-Squeegee handles
, Ettore, Pulex Alu

-Rubber blades
, Ettore, Pulex

Ettore, Pulex, generic, Unger

-Scrubber sleeves
Porcupine, micro-tiger + blue devil


Triumph, Unger, generic

Ettore, Pulex, lots of generics incl painting poles.


For phone only - generic

-Detailing towels
Scrim grade A pre-washed, use an Unger M/F in Clamp.


quicksilver channels
50ft roll
Ettore poles
MK3, Triump straight and angled, stainless blades
Unger 0 degree for poles, modified to fit a channel
A good spray bottle for inside work
Ettore scrubber holder
Ettore swivel t-bars
"0000", “00” steel wool

Not sure what the issue is, but you can purchase replacement blade slides / cartridges:


I don’t see this product at the WCR Supply Store yet…

Larry, The cartridge or blade slide does not come completely out of the handle. It’s just always sliding out about an 8th of an inch.

I’m not sure a new one (blade slide) would solve the problem because this pretty much happens when they are quite new.

Do any of you other Triumph scraper users notice the same problem…even when they are almost new?

If not this problem may be caused by the scraper holster that I use. I love the scraper holster but if it’s the culprit of this problem I could live without it and get a different holster.

I use the retractables now. I got fed up of going to hospital to get stiches.

Never had that problem, new or otherwise.

I like the scraper holster because it is vertical and doesn’t take up much space along my tool belt, but if it’s causing the blade slide to constantly slide out I definitely need to find a better holster.

Well… sucks anyway!

Just kidding! I love my 18" squeegee channel!

Seeing that the " Holster" is vertical & universal either side left or right maybe just flip it so the blade tract “nub” is facing up instead of down.
My guy’s will sometimes say there Z-40’s are doing the same thing,alot of times it’s GAK that get stuck inside the housing (where the blade sits retracted or not) even with the fixed models try soaking it in hot water with ammonia & some detergent for about a half hour may help it has with ours a few times.with the Z-40’s you can actually take them apart.

Craig, I always have the nub facing up so the blade won’t slide downwards as I take the scraper out of the holster.

I have two Triumph scrapers and they both have this problem of the blade cartridge sliding out.

I don’t think it’s a GAK problem. I don’t use the Z40’s…mine are fixed. I don’t see how any residue could make the cartridge slide out but I’ll soak them anyway because they probably do need to be cleaned.

I’d like to hear from more Triumph owners to see if this problem is common. The locking tab is supposed to secure the cartridge in the handle so it won’t slide out but the tabs on both of my Triumphs do not lock and do not hold the cartridge securely.

Maybe the two I have are lemons or maybe the holster somehow messes them up. I really don’t know what’s up with it.

I’ve just been living with it because I thought all Triumphs do this.

Remember…there both plastic the scraper housing itself & the blade tract.Could possibly be worn out.

Try replacing the blade tract,bet that will cure it if the housing isn’t gunked up.

This never happens to me on new or newer Triumphs but I know what you’re talking about. This happens from time to time as my Triumph gets well used. I just bend the tab back a bit and that seems to work. Obviously don’t bend it too much because it is plastic.

I tried man, I tried, but yeah too long for my ADD self!

I second Seth’s suggestion. I have had the same problem from time to time and I found that a little tweak as per Seth was all that was needed.

Nuvudude send me your address and I’ll hook you up with a couple of new slides. The Triumph “slides” have a tendency to wear and fall out.

Thanks Alex! Will do.