Different types of glass. How do you tell which is which?

Another newbie question. How do you tell tempered window glass vs. regular window glass? What is heat treated glass?

Is the glass stamped with the tempered print?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, tempered glass is stamped as such. Doors as well as other types will always be tempered. Heat treated is largely synonymous with tempered and should be treated with the same caution as it can have fabricating debris.

Not all tempered glass is marked.

Code dictates that doors, sidelights, bathroom, kitchen, and anything 18 inches from floor or below be tempered.

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That is an excellent guide! Thanks for posting it up here : ) Lot of useful info there

Excellent looking web page …

I have a new interior door with several panels, each panel is stamped, is there anywhy to remove the stamp?