Different types of windows

Hi guys , I know this is probably a dumb post but I’m curious . Im a newbie and was wondering if a newer double pane vinyl type windows surface would have less friction than say a single pane aluminum window when cleaning it? Or does the age and type of window have nothing to do with it? and if so is it just a matter of changing the soap to get less friction when cleaning it ? Thanks guys

It really has to do with how clean the glass is. Any dragging would be some kind of residue. When that is cleared, the glass should be super smooth regardless of the age or cladding.

I swear, new, cheap vinyl or fiber glass windows aren’t as smooth as the old glass. Most likely due to minor fabrication debris, i know, i know…
I love clean well taken care of glass before the 1960’s-ish. Most of it just has a great feel to it.