Digital mock up for lettering

I got some mock ups for the lettering on our new (used) cargo van.

It looks good… you could make use of the plain space on front/side doors by placing “free estimates”/ “call today” or both. Also a little trick for you… on leftside of van put #3 and on rightside put #5 -you could put on front fenders and uppermost rear corner on side panels-it makes your company seem like you have larger fleet.

wierd…i was planning on doing a mockup like this literally today, and logged on to see yours. good pick on the van, mine’s the same but bright yellow

I think it looks great… wouldn’t hurt to use some door space though as suggested

ill be doing something similar to yours…

I really like that you went with color graphics (or rather, plan on going with) vs plain black vinyl.

Good suggestions guys. I love the blank canvas these vans give you. At least we have room to grow.:wink:

That van would be sweet with blacked out rims and black lettering

That picture doesn’t do the brightness justice…its blinding in the right light. I definitely agree with the black though, the grille is black now and the lettering is coming soon

Funny Tony, I’ve got that small little patch of rust behind the doors just like you. Getting it cut out soon. Please be sure to post up the end result of your lettering!

I definitely will! I figure this summer when I have some down time I’ll do a little body work on it.:wink: