Direct Mail Post Card

Courtesy of [COLOR=#00681C]Eric Rivest[/COLOR]

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Very nice, Eric!

Looks familiar…:slight_smile:

Ha Ha! it is very Kevin-ish…and by the way thanks for your input on that last year Kevin! I only got about 40 or so of those out, and ended up with 4 new regular storefront clients.

I dig it! can I steal the idea somewhat? I live in WI BTW.

steal what you want from it…i wouldn’t put it on here is i didnt think someone could benefit from it.


My pleasure, man.

Glad that it’s doing well for you, too, that’s awesome.

That’s pretty sweet. I like the good sense of humor-probably works wonders.

Great looking piece !

Few questions :

1- Did you made it or it was professionally made ?

2- What are you using to control that FREE offer to bite you in the butt? Are they gonna have to sign a contract ?

3- if YES, don’t you think that contracts scare customers ?

I hope you the best of luck with it, looks really good.
Might use it if I can find a way to tweak it for residential keeping the essence.

it was professionally made, my now ex-wife is a graphic designer and designed everything for me. I had help form a master marketer (Kevin) for the copy.
As for the free cleaning offer. I would go on peoples word…small town, and it was directed at store fronts. If someone would not follow through on their word within a month, an invoice was mailed. It happened on one of my jobs. which by the way is now a regular, as well as cleaning the owners house windows and his neighbors windows at 3 times my competitors price!

anything with an offer liek that that I use now has an offer for the 5th window cleaning completely free. or a special deal where every 5th cleaning is free. (all depends on what im targeting at the time)

Funny thing is, even though my graphic designer is my ex, she has still agreed to design my stuff for me…but in exchange for her own windows being cleaned multiple times a year. I can live with that.

I was just wondering I was tweaking the same sort of ad that you posted earlier, I had some questions and I hope they dont come off negative, im just trying to fine tune my ad.

I am currently still at College too so i got the marketing director / proff to take a look at my ad, and yours.

As they are very similiar the only thing he pointed out was that the use of “gonna” is targeted towards a younger target market where as the owners of busineses tend to be 30+ dont associate to much with that type of language, Also the more personal approach with the language / tone of the advertisement? do you find it get the impact youd like? or do you think it would work better if it sounded more hoity toity so to speak?

Can you offer any more detailed information on the reception of your ad and its effectiveness?

Just all questions, I just want to make a really effective ad. I posted it below, to be very honest It’s practically idential just minor changes, I did the graphic design myself.

Please let me know.

I like on the west coast of Canada so I am no where near your region to compete, just to let ya know.

As far as response…well I got about 40 out only. Did it face to face in one afternoon. Where i live its a very small town, and well i just hit the downtown area near where i have existing clients. Picked up 3 new clients right away, the 4th one took a bit longer but was a result of the postcard.

Being this is small town northern Ontario, i can easily get away with the word “gonna”. I think many appreciate the common language used.

also, that is me in the picture, and well people like it when they actually get to meet the guy in the picture, its personal and it works.

Where abouts in BC are you?

where do you put the customers address?

I hand delivered mine to the business owner or manager or employee available. So I never needed a spot to put the address. I live in a small town, most places are not too far to drive or walk.