Direct Mail Strategy

This is a marketing philosophy poll. I’m trying to plan my two mail drops for next year and there are two competing ideas in my head. The first is to do the drops during some of my slower months (e.g. April and August). This will give me more income during the slow months. The second idea is to do the drops during my busiest months (e.g. May and November). The idea here is to build my customer base by targeting them when they are the most likely to buy. Which do you believe to be the most effective strategy?

Keep the marketing machine going in both busy and slow season. If you wait til you slow down to send out mailers it might take a while for it to start generating sales.

I agree with Mark, never stop, repitition is key, the more your name is out there the easier it will be for them to buy from you down the road.

I agree.

Always, slow or busy.

More so when you’re busy actually, since you will come across more confident, subconsciously.

Customers are more likely to buy when they are in heat (in this case spring and fall).

I find it super unlikely that a winter mailing will do anything like a spring/fall mailing because you would need to change peoples concepts on when the best time for window cleanings are.


I think it is VITAL you create a winter card and send it out. I feel you need at least 3 mailings (to these same people) a year.

The only way I have found to smash homeowners over the head and take notice is price point. (more so these days). The good thing about that is you alert them they can and should have their windows cleaned in the winter. The better thing is you give a legit reason to have an off-season special which not only makes you sound less desperate, it protects increased prices if they get another cleaning in the spring or fall.

It is called price elasticity and it can work very well in our situation without turning our customer into a cheap date.