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this is a question i know has been covered but I was hoping for a little more feed back, hopefully from Chris. When doing the mailers, do you use a post card type or is it something in an envelope that the customer has to open?

i would think that an addressed envelope would achieve more of a responce…obviously that would be more expensive…thats where mailing lists come into the equation.

I think that if you have the right flyer however you can still reap the rewards.

A brick with a flier attached works wonders when it’s tossed gingerly through the front entrance windows, people love surprises in their living room…try it out and let me know how it goes:D

I like this guy.

It’s all about economics Ron. Your economics are what they are. If you can’t do a direct mail campaign do fliers… they do work and can work as well. That said, direct mail is far easier and there are programs out there where you can mail large quantities at very low per piece cost… if you can afford large mailings.

Chris does flat mailers, not envelopes. I would say he has done pretty well with them :slight_smile:

For our type of service I have never seen any actual tests done on closed mail (envelope) of flat (card type) mailers. It is true that envelopes do raise curiosity, but not for anything. We are not selling a product or high ticket item, I think that negates using a closed mailer for us.

Chris started out just like the rest of us with fliers and stuff, then he quickly automated his delivery and exploded.

what does that mean…“automated”…i want to automate and explode.:smiley:

Hire a mailing company to take care of your advertising is automated, even having fliers distributed every week is automated. Divorcing ourselves from the actual process. The main thing with any advertising is repetition, even with fliers.

Before Steve had the Customer factor, he sold his version of a ‘business in a box’. Although that is a misnomer i gave it…it carries the tittle well enough for my input here.

In his ‘kit’ he was clear…at first YOU have to pass out fliers…he suggested 500 per day each day that you can afford it. over time, you re-invest that money into mailers. he even gives the name of the guy he used with ‘success’.

It just seems to be a lot of time and money can be wasted hitting the wrong demographic. so one MUST have an idea of who his target market is…and he needs to be right.

That is what I find so discouraging with this business. Knowing who wants their window cleaned.

Phil, most do not know they need it until the ad enlightens them.

That is why it is essential to keep doing it over and over. I have an area that I hit EVERY month for 3 years (200 houses). I now have over 50 houses there. They see my ads all the time, it is catching them right at the perfect time.

I see. Thanks.

thanks guys for the input, i’ve done some fliers in baggies, and door to door. The only problem I have with door to door is some people kind of treat you like a bum out begging for work so you can go buy a case of beer. Thats where I think the direct mail would benifit because it looks way more professional. There are some neighborhoods here (gated) with big money homes, is there a way to target those communities individually with mail, or do you have to do the whole city?

Wow. Saturation 2.0

Chris posted earlier on other topic strings regarding his direct mail targeting specific/selected addresses and/or zip codes, I believe.

Hey Ron

I hope this answers some of your questions. I filmed this about a month ago in response to one of Louie the Window Guys questions. I think it fits into what your asking. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

// Mailing - YouTube


Automated / Automated / Automated …

That is what its all about. I have found a formula for creating work… that just works. Spend X create X amount in revenue.

Chris, thanks for the help, i’m gonna go check with my post office today

If I can mention one other thing… this automation system works so well…I predict what I want to make each month a year in advance. In the past 60 months only on 3 occasions have I made less than predicted. 2 were weather related and one was this past July… which I really don’t have an explanation for.

kinda says it all

I used to put out a ton of fliers myself, now I have found a very reliable guy who puts out 1500-2000 every week (he likes to do gated communities too so thats cool), and it’s amazing how much happier I am, I used to find excuses all of the time not to put out fliers, now they get out no matter what. Pretty soon I will start direct mail.

Screw your post office. It’s the ad copy and the printing that gets you in the wallet. You can take the time to print your own, label them, stamp them and mail them. But man that’s a lot of work. That is what Chris means by AUTOMATED. Use your time for better things. Others on here mentioned I gave them a look over and it was not bad. 100 4x6 color glossy postcards, mailed to homes worth 7 figures and the owners making 6 figures or more. The list I bought from them and was a little skeptical, but crossed checked the info on Cost me roughly $80, got two phone calls. 1st job did not get. Did my estimate for the 2nd one today and the lady booked on spot. Today’s quote was $1550.00

That job just paid for the ad and thensome.