Direct Mailers ROI and WCRA

So here is my situation…

I am brand new to window cleaning and have booked a couple jobs by using google adwords coupons and a ad in the paper.

I am thinking about joining the WCRA (350 is a ton of money to someone starting a WC business) and doing a direct mailing.

My questions are…

I have about enough money to join the WCRA and do 1000 direct mailings. Using some of the WCRA direct mailing postcards what would you guys expect your return to be by mailing out 1000 cards? How many jobs would you count on from this?

I know results will vary just kind of looking for a average.

I am just trying to decide if my very tight budget would be better spent on advertising somewhere else for right now.


The info in the private forum alone is worth that. And the mailers are great. It’s a no brainer if you are looking to grow your business.

Yep…my vote is -----> WCRA <-----

Join Today and Thrive.

Okay…I think you guys are a little bias…eh? Brian has a few hundred dollars to “invest” in marketing, and he obviously wants to know if by joining the WCRA and doing 1000 direct mail cards what his return will be. I would guess…zero. The reason I say that is because you cannot necessarily ‘buy’ into success. There is no quick fix or magic trick. Maybe you can if you have the money and can gamble…but with a small budget I would recommend fliers or doorhangers and lots of them. And a lot more hustle…Good luck!

I think you’d be looking at 5-10 jobs max. Probably on the lower end of that range.

I agree walking the streets can be good . Don’t be afraid to knock on doors and talk to people. Every time we go out for an hour and actually talk to people, we get a job.


I have sent twice that many wcr mailer and gotten nothing. You never really know, it’s a lot of timing and repeated efforts

I kinda have to agree with Dormatex. With a small budget I’d go with flyers or door hangers to bring in more money, then join WCRA. I’m a believer in WCRA but he needs to have jobs and cash coming in.

Yep I agree take the loot and invest it in some cheap fliers… Make some money getting rolling then upgrade to the better wcra stuff later.

Dont risk your last few bucks on a mailing that may not (probably wont) pay off… Knock on doors, put together a sign on a busy street corner, work for someone else until you get your cash up, do whatever it takes…

I didn’t come into this game spending money on mailing campaigns that i knew noting about, or joining associations. I worked my A** of 24/7 looking for new work.

Dormatex is right, you cant really buy into success (unless your a venture capitalist) it takes alot of hard work…

When i was just starting out i found this article somewhere online about starting a business and printed it out… Its so true

Thank you all for the replies. You have been a lot of help.

I think for now I am going to continue the google ads up to a small amount per day, craigslist posts ( don’t think I have gotten any calls yet but its free) and have some door hangers printed and hang them on doors. Once I get a few jobs and start seeing some income I will join the WCRA.

Trevor, that is a very good read! I am going to print it as soon as I get home.