Discount Freqs

When you provide an estimate for a new storefront customer how do you discount for the frequency of service is qrtrly more than monthly and is twice a month more than weekly and if so what is the rule of thumb for such discounts. say we’re taking about a 1 time clean that would take an hour and you d charge ???

Thx GP


What frequency would you charge that for?

I don’t give a discount. But rather, I try to aim to get many biweekly customers, suggesting that frequency to keep the windows clean. You make more per customer when you try to keep most of them biweekly. Most of the time they need to be cleaned that often so the windows don’t look awful.

I generally aim to make $75 or $85 dollars per hour work, or even higher.

So I would charge $85 regardless of the frequency.


I’ll see your $271.57, and raise you $0.16.

i fold

I will give a frequency discount at the monthly level for larger commercial, weekly storefront, and quarterly residential. But the discounts to not go more than 15% FOR ANY FREQUENCY. If the customer is that serious about their windows being clean, they’ll pay.

I think the frequency discount is based on a false premise. That reducing their price per clean will entice them to clean the windows more often.

Whenever I’ve had a client want to increase their frequency it is because they feel that the windows are getting too dirty between cleans and need to be cleaned more frequently. They never asked for a discount, or felt just by getting a lower price they would want their windows cleaned more often.

We gotta stop taking money out of our own pocket, thinking that the customer is motivated by it.