Dish soap volume

Recently i have been wondering if i have been adding too much dish soap to my water in the past.

I know that you are only supposed to add a small dash(i forget who told me that before), but how much is a “small dash”???

If i was to add dish soap to 5 litres of water, how much soap do i add???
would it be 1/100 of the water or what??

also which is better, more soap or less soap???

In the case of all soaps - less is best. To much soap will give you bleeding problems.

i beg to differ sir!

for 2-3 gallons of water I turn over my jumbo bottle of Palmolive and let it drizzle out for 10 seconds…yes I said 10 seconds!!!
Well I was so graciously blessed with some Glisten and have been cutting my Palmolive time in half, but 5 seconds is still a lot.

I love it.:smiley:
Does the brand matter??? Palmolive has been nothing but soothingly sweet to me. I’ve tried Dawn with the same results. Sometimes I’ll do a little menage a toi with Mrs. Palmolive and Dawn…what a love affair

I experienced problems when I was using too much soap. I cut back and the bleeding problems went away. Why so much soap Matt? Just curious.

I just found that when I use that specific volume of soap it glides great and makes detailing easy…I also figures out that when it dries it gets a little crusty and makes detailing painless, no more smudges because it flakes right off the glass…


I see your Smile and raise you :D:D

To each his own Matt. I found that when I’m using the right amount of soap I don’t get smudging when I detail. Might be because of the areas we live.

I also use a good amount of Palmolive and a “glug” or two of ammonia… with great results…besides, it gives the customer a “clean fresh” smell to appreciate.

You mean after they regain consciousness?:stuck_out_tongue:

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i fold

Come on Matt, wheres your gamblers pride? OK Larry I’m all in what you got?:cool::p;):confused:


OMG Larry - you have the same palm lines as me :eek:

as far as volume goes, for any soap, the softness of your water will matter big time. once i was visiting my brother 2 hrs north of here, he has a water softener in his house, i filled my bucket to clean windows, OMG the difference with what i am used to at home in my city…i used the same amount of soap, and could not believe how much suds and how much glide i had, it was ridiculous, even had hard time holding squeegee it was so slippery! so take that into account also even with designer soaps that give you a recommended mix ratio.

when I mix my soap: I put the water in and put the soap in, I don’t mix it untill I get to my first destination…that some how mixes it with no suds, then I put my scrubber in and do the final mixing before I start.

Plus every location in the country/world is different with humidity and etc.

Glass Gleam is the best.