Dissatisfaction with how cloths\scrims are attached for polework

For a long time I’ve been tying my scrim an aluminum pole top for traditional indoor work. I try to make a pointy shape by wrapping the scrim about the pole tip and tie an weak knot to hold.

I know with the right technique and tools detailing can be reduced at sides and top but it feels like something that could be improved. I do not do it often but it never feels professional.

Does any one have a better way?

moerman exelerator with liquidator2 channel.

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I take your point but you will still need to mop up the bottom frame which will sometimes be out of reach. Sometimes you have obstacles in front or behind your position too.

I would always put my 6” detail squeegee on the end of the pole, and then drape my cloth over that. I could angle the squeegee to get into the sides with just the tips of the squeegee, and then lay it flat to detail the drips at the top frame.

Easy to adjust the position of the cloth every couple of windows to use a dry section, and the rubber usually keep the cloth from slipping off too easily.


go to minute 26, this is how i do all my high inside windows now after 6 years of trying different methods methods and tools.

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Unger Fix-Clamp

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If you are using a carbon fibre pole, you can use the top clamp to hold your cloth. Wrap it around the tip as tight as you can and use the clamp to hold the last corner.


Easy peasy. I use to have the same problem. SteveO, a YouTube window cleaning guy, has detailing with the cloth on the end of a pole problem all dialed in. He just flips one end of the towel back over the top. The cloth stays put. Quick and easy!

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Thanks everybody for your thoughts - I’m in an insane 7 day week drive but as General MacArthur suggested - I will return! I will experiment with each technique with that lovely carbon trad pole from WCR - it is a special sausage for sure.

Should I buy a WFP clamp to modify my regular window washing pole. Just a thought. :sunglasses: