Divided windows

Hey I have a window job that are divided 8 high by 3 across and some are 5 high 3 across. About 4 inch between divider. What is a good price to charge interior only.



the most common i see posted here is .75 to a dollar per side. i don’t get a lot here.

For cut ups I do 1$ per side. I feel like that’s a good price because say you have a regular sized casement window, you know with 2 windows in one bay, that’s 5 dollars per side per pane. So if there were 2 rows of 3 cutups in each frame, 6 bucks per side. 1 dollar more for what is actually lots more work with all the extra detailing you have to do with the frames. But don’t go above a dollar per. Most places probably 85 cents per, but I live in kind of a luxurious area, and most windows here are cutups.

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Thank you yea I’m going with $1 per should be profitable with how many windows they have and the customer seems to live in a high end area. Thank you for all the input wash on!!