DIY Fix Unger ErgoTec Bottle Holder-Video

Here is a DIY fix I did for my Unger ErgoTec Bottle Holder using some Goop Glue. - It worked well for me.

// Fix for Unger ErgoTec Bottle Holder by www.Awning Cleaning Dallas Fort Worth TX - YouTube

Have a great day!

Another great video Wayne!

Velcro is great when it’s new, but it can wear out quickly.

Great tip Wayne!

Wayne, you’re the “Bottle Beater” :slight_smile: getting addicted to punish bottles against the floor

thanks for the video though, another nice one.

Great video man…thanx

Nice Wayne - I’ll have to find an alternative to goop & brush the cobwebs off that holster.

Great stuff!

Unfortunately Unger discontinued them. I’m in the process of buying every one I can find lol

WHAT??? Say it ain’t so! I love my towel bag and bottle holder. Everything else unger does sucks. =P

I’ve seen them selling for as high as $45 on Amazon.

I also saw an Ergotec scraper selling for $160.


Weird, there’s one supplier online that still has them listed for $13. I’ve got a couple extras but can’t believe they’re discontinuing it.

Amazon has gotten expensive lately. I see things double in price there as opposed to elsewhere.

Yes like the free shipping with $25 order several years ago to $35 order then now $49…prime has worked well for us though. Probably until they double the membership fee :money_mouth_face: