Do any of you Canucks deal with Alpine Group Inc.?

Hey do any of you deal with alpine Group inc. ? for your retail accounts? If so, are you dealing with the issue I am right now with them being excessively late in paying? and giving the run around with promises of a check in the mail, that never comes?

Nope, never heard of them…I googled it, are they a window cleaning/building maintenace company that you sub for?

yes, they are from Toronto. They have the hold on many retail window cleaning jobs nation wide and have subbed out work to me, but they have been super slow to pay. Its getting extremely irritating, especially in the slowest months.

I haven’t heard of them either. Sorry. Bloody Toronto folk…

Sorry to hear about your collection woes Eric. Never heard of these people. I’m finding that a lot of companies are taking their time paying in general. I have a few myself. Hmmm Bell World comes to mind. Bell! For Crying Out Loud. Uh…let’s see A Toyota dealership. I think they’ve got money. :rolleyes:

Are you still doing work for them? Have you gone to your original contact?

In general this company has asked me my price for the jobs…and has never asked me to reduce it. They go with that price to the retail company and obviously add a bit for their own sake on top of it. I have Still not been paid from Dec 2008 from them for 3 jobs. Normally this would not bother me in busy season, but in slow season it kills me to not get paid on time. And to top it off when my contact tells me the check is in the mail, and i go a week without seeing it and its only comping form the GTA… just bugs me…
I do not have problems with anyone else no matter how big or small as far as payment is concerned.

Never heard of them either. I also have lots that are paying late now as well.

i’ve never heard of them before.

I have talked to a few of my larger customers about late payments. One group of company’s i do work for told me in the past they used to try and pay all invoices for the previous month by the 10thof the next month, but now they have moved that date to the 25th.

Sounds like my Toyota dealership. Money was due on the 1st (30 days from service date as specified on invoice) but the accounts payable tell me they release checks on the 15th of the next month.

That’s irritating.

I would ask for more payment details, what is the cheque # etc.