Do It Right

It seems as though these guys went belly up. Rumors abound as to why but I had placed an order and it went MIA, so i called.

The website fails too.

I mention this because I seek dialog from others who perform this service on a larger scale.

proper cleaning, sealing and stain/streak removal.

I’d like to exchange ideas for those outside my area (fl)

what part of FL are you?

Central. Orlando, space coats, daytona


your competition…

Now that was funny

Florida…is my competition. He asked where I LIVE. Not where our sales guys work.

Dont let 56 posts fool ya.

I was joking, plenty of work in central and coastal Fl.
what’s your name, I’ve probably ran into you before.

We digress, I am looking for dialog about the cleaning.

Patrick’s vendor of choice…

What fails on their website? I was just navigating pages there now.

I have made a couple small purchases in the past from ARS, Inc.

Have you ever contacted Stuart to discuss his awning services?


I almost bought Stewart business. he failed to present accurate data concerning the $. (no offense meant to him)

Your browser may be showing old pages. DIR is gone.

It is possible they have resurfaced within the last day. But they still owe me product from weeks ago.

I hear there was a family fight. Dunno.

Patrick shared what he could. my focus is much more focused. I can now remove any stains or streaks. That is crucial…and wish to find others who want to discus the object from a perfectionist point of view.

and I repeat…outside FLORIDA…I own the entire State. Anyone within these boundaries are competitors. My training was extensive…an it was costly.

You don’t have to be a jerk about it.
OH, I’m glad you think you “own” Florida…

You go ahead and think you’re on your high horse…I was simply trying to be nice.

Its heating up again…

What makes me a ‘jerk’? The fact I know you yet you do not know me…and as a result, I decide to forgo your questions?

I own the franchise pal

Nothing new. Typical WC.

So…does anyone else want to talk about cleaning awnings…

I am cleaning 10 awnings on Weds.

I tried winsol deep clean, but it sucks, so now i went to ars and bought fabric cleaner,release,stain magic and there fabric sealer.

these awnings are pretty tore up with green alge, black streaks and moss.

My question is will these products work? i hope so

ps: I live in California

Yes…and no.

I will send you my cell via PM so you can at least have access to some options.

I meant no offense to Matt…I just want to stay focused…

That would be great.

Thank you


I have tried tons of so called awning products and found many are awesome…yet many suck.

My climate exposes weakness and greatness in any outdoor product for any substrate. so, in order to offer this service in an area like mine, one will need a variety of chemicals and cleaning tools to produce awesome results everytime.

The real issue with awning cleaning has been how ‘subjective’ it can be. One day they turn out great, next day mediocre. MY aim was to deliver excellent result every time and to know, before hand, what I…and most importantly…the client could expect. if I could do that then I would know how to sell…what to charge…and when to walk.

Seems to me these are things a real window cleaner knows…and provides…so why not any of the ‘add-on’ services we provide.

Yet, since acquiring this knowledge was costly to me, why wold i want to exchange it with anyone inside my personal boundaries?

so that makes me a jerk. so be it.

I would also like to know more about any chemical that can clean [U]canvas[/U] awnings without damage. I have tried a few -Winsol, Starbrite, sail cleaners with limited success on [U]canvas[/U] awnings.