Do we have this?

found this online, do we have this product in North America? i believe this is from the U.K. i found it interesting.

[COLOR=Blue]I have never seen it but man it looks good. I would really love to try one out. I e-mailed the Co. requesting more info. I will post it as soon as I get a reply.

I tried to buy one of those about 3 months ago… they never got back to me. :frowning:

[COLOR=Blue]Keep hounding them Chris, become a dealer and I’ll buy mine from you![/COLOR] :slight_smile:

[I][FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=3]PS - I need a sample of the gutter guards that you are selling
PO Box 1521
Murray, KY 42071[/SIZE][/FONT][/I]


I will Steve! Email me your physical address… the samples come by FedEX and they will not ship to a PO BOX.


[COLOR=Blue]I emailed you Chris.

Also I heard back form the ladder people and they are NOT AVAILABLE outside of Europe yet.


Yeah I would like to try and sell that product. I have contacted them again. In the meantime we do carry these type if anyone is interested.

the link i sent was more for a ladder stabilizer and then you dont need a second person to hold the ladder, i like the idea and obviously its gained popularity in the UK, a place where the use of ladders is steadily declining.
If anyone finds out when these come to north america let me know!

I’ve just bought a similar model, they are still waiting to be used - but I have a job coming next month I need to use them on. I’ll let you know how I get on.

// YouTube

I really don’t understand these foolish business people.

Do they not have “FedEx” in Europe? Never heard of international shipping?

thats what im thinking too! I wonder what the shipping $$ would be?

I shipped a dozen or so packages to Canada in the past month and the shipping was substantially higher than equal or greater distances inside the US. Not really sure why.

Chris I noticed to this morning that the Canadian Dollar is slowly loosing its value to about $0.98US. What products do you carry Chris? is it mainly Unger products? please excuse my ignorance if its plain to see what you sell…I just dont usually spend too much time looking at what else this site has to offer other than the forum, since i usually have a 5 month old on my lap that gets rather fussy sitting with me at my computer lol

Copied and pasted from another topic…

Thanks… sorry about that I have to many tabs open I guess I miss posted…
Thanks Mr llaczko!

we always get messed over. Perhaps we pay more shipping to process things over the border? Or perhaps it’s because the price of refined gasoline is higher here because we have more tax on gasoline. I don’t know. People seem to think that Canadians are suckers and will pay more for stuff. Oh well, don’t stop shipping things to Canada Chris


Hey, snap, some US companies won’t do it our way either. And don’t be surprised when they arrive at your door with a package & 25% of the value has to be paid in import taxes!

I have a level lock type of leveler on my ladders now and like them but the ladders are still bouncy, which I think the Laddatec’s would reduce this.

I guess what I am asking is do Laddatecs eliminate the need for levelers and if not can both be used on the same ladder at the same time?