Do we have this?

I don’t think the levelok can be used in conjunction with the ladder limpet at the base, this is being worked on.
I say at the base, because I’ve used the ladder limpets up higher when needed.

Yeah Alex and I tried … it wont fit. I also talked to Ian about it and he is aware of the issue… Hes working on it…

Could they (laddatecs) mount on the inside of the ladder?

Not with the current design.

Im at work now… I figured I would snap a few pics to show you why they wont fit on the inside or with leveloks…

Thanks for the pics Chris.

Do you use them mainly on stack ladders?

Yep we have a pair of stacks we took the levers off to play with them.

Maybe if the Laddatecs were a little longer they could be used above the levelers.