Do you clean outside windows first or the inside first?

Do you clean outside windows first or the inside first?

I thought it made more sense to clean the inside first because it’s less dirty, and I can use the same bucket of water on the outside. Also, when cleaning DH’s on the inside, I’ve had them drip through to the outside if I get too much water on them.

But I’ve heard of others who clean the outside first, removing most of the dirt - that way they can see clearly when inside whether they’ve left spots or not.

I would think that one advantage to cleaning outside first is that heavily soiled sills can be flooded as you clean the outside panes… making it easier to clean them quickly

What do you all do/think?


I clean insides first, unless they arent home. I think its just a personal preference…altho I may be off base on that.

If I’m working by myself and it’s DH windows I do the insides first because of drips from between the sashes.

Inside first. I dont want to drag mud and dirt to the insideafter walking around there house. This is just me here but I also dont want to be all sweaty and walk in the house.:wink:

Inside first works best for me. Then WFP the outs and split.

outs first. Im usually trying to beat the heat. Also by doing the outs first I can see if I left any marks outside while doing the inside. Plus thats just what makes logical sense to me. I dont know why though…

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Hi folks,
I don’t have a set “rule”, inside/outside is situational for me.
I “prefer” to clean the outsides first for some of the reasons mentioned. Usually the outside is dirtier and cleaning the insides is a little easier if the outside is clean. But cleaning the insides first before I get dirty and sweaty is a factor also. I will take my shoes off or wear disposable bootys to protect the customers floors.
Lots of times it comes down to the customers situation. They have a doctors appointment, they are going grocery shopping, they have guests coming, etc. I pretty much just go with the flow.
The most important factor for me is this, leaky doublehungs not withstanding, I generally find that if I just make sure I do my usual first rate job, it doesn’t matter which side I do first.

Good Luck,

outs first

Insides first for me.

Water nice and fresh for the insides.

Most screens I deal with are removed from the inside.

Sliding tracks can almost always be done from the inside. (leaving less work for outs)

Dirt inside crankout casements can be cleaned from inside. (leaving less work for outs)

Some obstacles to climb over or in between; better to do when not sweaty/dirty.

Easier to gauge how the job is progressing. I find outs always go much quicker.

Majority of storms can be taken apart from inside.

Insides 1st 4 me

outs for me first, get the dirt off the outside so you can see where youre at on the insides…ill change my solution if its really dirty before going in.

I guess I don’t like the thought of me bringing in fresh outside germs inside. Like a lot of time bird have attacked the outside windows. Well if I rub my strip washer across that junk and then use my squeegee and towels on that window then what is really going on when I get to the inside. This might seem kind of crazy to the window cleaning world but I use different strip washers. I have one for the inside and one for the out. I started this when I seen a lady’s baby licking the front door that I was getting ready to clean. Laugh if you want I know its kind of silly but………

we water-fed everything even screens so we do outsides first.

Usually outs first but a lot of it depends on the weather or customer preference as to what they have going on in the house.

I do outside during the summer months first unless a customer wants the insides done first got too beat the heat down here in Tennessee, during the winter months I try to do the insides first so it can heat up outside

I also use a different scrubber sleeve for inside and out. I use the blue Pulex for interior because it holds lots of H2O and is not bad to drip.

I use more abrasive sleeves on the outside like the Pulex Tiger or a Blue Max from another supplier.

Using different sleeves for ins & outs just makes sense to me.

Hey Andy. I was in Franklin last summer. I was at Fanklin pools getting some consulting. I was going to start a pool biz before I fell in love with this window cleaning gig.:slight_smile:

Outside first for me, unless it is a rainy day or cold outside.

Hopefully the rain will have stopped or the weather warmed up by the time I am ready to do the outsides.

I rarely have a problem with the water dripping down from the top inside sash because I have learned how to be careful.

Outside with a WFP, while 2nd person works on the inside. But, if I’m by myself I will do inside then outside.

we always start on the outside unless the customer asks other wise for the same reason so we can see from the inside if we have any touchups on the out. we always change our water from out to in and we always wear booties. we also change our sleeves from out to in.