Do you clean outside windows first or the inside first?

When the windows are really dirty we have one guy inside and one guy outside and go window to window with each other so we can point out spots or streaks that the other guy missed.

if its crazy hot then insides first so we don’t stink the house with sweat from doing the outs.

if it’s really cold then inside first.

We clean the out side while the inside is being done.

Insides first.

  1. Screens are easier to remove
  2. Sometimes customer wants to leave so I can do insides they can go…
  3. Outsides first if the aren’t home


I’m in between on this one. I like to do the insides first. Unfortunately, the summer months are brutal in LV,NV. What we try to do then is , go early do outsides then do insides. But whenever possible we do insides First.

Inside first. If i’m alone. With a helper I am always outside and them inside at the same time.

Of course if it’s a nasty customer I will do outside first and then “Rick James” their couch with my “Muddy *** Boots” lol.

LMAO That was a great Dave Chappelle skit

Outsides first, Im actually surprised to see how many do interior first, who woulda thunk. I wfp a quite a bit…but even before wfp…it was exteriors first. Just made sense to see if there were any flaws on the ext…looking out made things much easier to spot than looking in. The few houses for whatever reason I may do interior first…seems like after the ext…I go back and check from the inside…and I catch something somewhere. Hot here, yes…sweaty, yes…carry extra of everything, swap shirts, re-fresh…go inside where it’s usually 80 degrees as opposed to afternoon summer temps that avg @ 90+

Hey Elite, I find that cleaning the inside first is best too. Customers are generally more happier knowing that the Interiors have been done and furniture is now put back so they can begin relaxing in their homes again. After working outside along the exteriors, we tend to brush up against dirty walls or when doing overhead web and debris removal, it falls onto our clothing. I don’t want my customers seeing this stuff fall off of me as I walk around their house.

I saw that on youtube the other day and could not stop laughing. I have seen it before but everytime I see it it makes me laugh so bad. “I would not rub my boots on someones couch. What the hell type of man do you think I am? Yeah I remember grinding my boots in eddies couch, cocaine is one hell of a drug!” lol too funny

unless requested by the customer or cleaning sash windows, always out first.

as a few said, it’s dirtyer out, and make the insides easyer. I’ve also found I leave less mistakes this way. my last walk around is always a bit longer if I do the insides first.
and for the water in the bucket, I often try to schedule either a small house, or a couple of small commercial jobs first in the day, then do the outsides of the house, change the water and use that til finishing the outsides of the next place.

Clean the inside first, that way if you are cleaning DH windows and you drip water through the sash sets, it can get cleaned when you go do the outsides.

All things normal we do inside first, if medium home 1 in and 1 out, if big home with large items to move or ladder work both start inside.

Clean water, they can leave, the way I was taught to clean windows.

those of you that start on the inside for the reason that the customer may want to leave early, do any of your customers let you do the interior w/o their presence? we have quite a bit of customers that have us clean their windows w/o even being there. we have security codes, lock box codes, they leave doors unlocked for us, leave a key, some open the door for use then pay us before we even start the work then leave. we’ve had some leave blank checks for us as well.

You guys that clean the inside first because you get drips between the sashes are you locking the window when you clean it? I’ve found that eliminates most drips. For you guys that clean the inside first so that the customer can leave, do you lock the windows back up? I’ve always found it easier being able to pull the top sash a bit to clean it. If the customers gone already and you haven’t locked a window what happens if someone breaks into the house through the window you left unlocked?

I clean the outside panes 1st.

I always periodically clean my strip washer and rinse my bucket and particularly before I begin cleaning the inside panes.

Situational and seasonally based.

But generally I do the inside first, if for no other reason than if (god forbid) I have to touch up a window, I would rather it be inside than to have to take a ladder back up to it.

I used to be hardcore about this, but over time you realize what needs to be done in whatever order to get the best time efficiency out of the job.

Here in the dirty hot south with hot humid summers I will clean the insides first many times just so I am not so nasty, sweaty, and reeking when I am inside moving furniture and working around the window treatments…the heat is one thing, but it’s the humidity here that really brings out the sweat and funk. If it is a cool morning we may go ahead and do outsides first, but if its a super muggy day, head inside first, then go outside and try to work out of the direct sunlight.

I prefer outsides first. If you miss a drip or something on the outside, you can see and fix it more easily from the inside. It also depends on the customer’s preference as well, if they need to leave or what not.